New soon to be Glider mom in Canada

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New soon to be Glider mom in Canada - 09/20/18 05:42 PM

Hello my name is Alycia and I am going to be getting my two fixed male gliders 4 month oop next weekend, I am super excited. I mainly grew up with cats and dog as well as the odd hamster, but this is going to be my first experience with any kind of exotic pet. I just wanted to introduce myself , and see if anyone has some tips, advice or how-toís for making some seamless hand sewn diy toys and pouches
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Re: New soon to be Glider mom in Canada - 09/20/18 10:10 PM

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Re: New soon to be Glider mom in Canada - 09/21/18 08:10 AM

Hi! And :welcomegc: wave

When you say hand sewn, do you mean machine or by hand stitch? In both cases, be sure to use a good quality fleece like anti-pill, polar or blizzard. Many people use a good cotton or flannel too, but I don't for the simple fact that their nails will eventually make small holes which will get bigger, and cotton just doesn't last as long as fleece. Minky fleece is not recommended because they can catch nails in it.

Hidden seams basically means sewing regular seams and make an inner pouch separate from the outer pouch, and sew them around the top together leaving a 2" or less hole to turn right side out. Make sure tabs are fleece, cut about 3/4" wide (3" long and fold over) and is cut in the direction where they don't stretch. You can close the opening with a small top stitch to close opening. Make sure stitches as tight and trim all threads.

Toys can be made from anything. Milk caps, juice lids, drill a hole in the middle thread fleece through.

Plastic bracelets(2.25" diameter), Easter eggs, tictac containers, a bag of army men , bugs or dinosaurs, barrel of monkeys, drinking straws. Any wide base container makes a great toy box. Qiffle ball with straws poked in it along with strips of fleece
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Thank you so much for the pointers, I live in northern Ontario so just out of instinct with winter just around the corner I did get poplar fleece, does the plastic sting have to be Rex lace? Or will any plastic sting that isnít to elasticy do?
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Re: New soon to be Glider mom in Canada - 09/22/18 06:54 AM

Hi Alicia,

The direction of cutting fleece:
Length wise parallel to the edge or selvage shouldn't have much stretch. Cut Strips can be about 1/2 - 3/4 inch wide.

Width of fleece is very looses it's width as it stretches and may unravel a bit if cut at 1/2" wide. It does make cool curls, but it also makes the edge of the strip unsafe and nails can get caught.

I did forget to mention when sewing on a machine or hand stitching, make sure your stitches are close together and the stitch is tight. You can use a toothpick to test. If you can pick the thread loose with a toothpick, your glider can pick it loose too.

I have used rexlace on some of my toys, but I've made toys for others who had chewers and it didn't hold up. Some gliders like to try to untie knots too.

I hope this was helpful.
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