DIY toys question

Posted By: Haalastar

DIY toys question - 10/29/18 02:13 PM

Hi everyone!
I had a question or two about some diy toys that showed up when I searched for was using round knitting looks and making a hanging toy that you hang other toys on...I never saw a pic of a glider in it so I wasn't sure if it was for gliders or birds(since I get a lot of bird stuff when searching for glider stuff), if anyone has any information on it I would very much appreciate it. I just happen to have two sets of these looms and only use one set.

My other question was can I use popcicle sticks to make things for them? I Know it wouldn't be a reusable long term toy but popcicle sticks are cheap so having to remake stuff isn't a huge deal. And if you can use popcicle sticks what it the safest glue to use?

And last question....where do you find the bangle braclets and all the different hanging toys you hang in other toys? I can't seem to find anything.

Thank you all in advance for any information!!
Have a great day!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: DIY toys question - 10/29/18 09:59 PM

Bracelets can be a challenge to find. I get mine at Dollar tree, and Walmart. (When they have them)

I also order from:

The bracelets should be a minimum of 2.25" inside diameter.

Hope that helps!
Posted By: Haalastar

Re: DIY toys question - 10/29/18 10:52 PM

Yes it does! Thank you!
Posted By: Haalastar

Re: DIY toys question - 10/31/18 11:03 AM

Any one else have any information?
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