Travel Cage?

Posted By: theresaw

Travel Cage? - 02/06/19 02:19 AM

I have always used a travel cage called It's A Breeze Too. I now need a second travel cage and this cage has been discontinued cry I loved this cage because it had screen on all 4 sides, folded totally flat, and had two supporting poles inside to hang a grid from so you could hang a water bottle, pouches, etc. Does anyone know of a cage similar to this? It's similar to a pop up dog kennel. Theresa
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Travel Cage? - 02/06/19 12:35 PM

That's one I've never heard of. Folding Flat sounds great!

I use a pop up dog kennel with a PVC frame covered with fleece sleeves with tabs sewn in on the inside so I can hang pouches and stuff. I use shallow dishes for their water.
Posted By: Paani

Re: Travel Cage? - 02/08/19 03:54 AM

I have an XL pop-up kennel with pre-cut PVC pipe that I use to make a frame inside to hang their pouch and water bottle while I place a wheel at the bottom. For actual travel time in the car, I have a mesh backpack which I again use the PVC pipe to frame out and hang their pouch and water bottle while I place a plastic tray at the bottom or underneath to catch poo and pee and then a small dish with snacks.
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