Cage cover options?

Posted By: Twintone

Cage cover options? - 04/29/19 05:06 AM


My gliders have a nice large cage, but tend to be messy on the walls (i have glider ktichens for their food). From enjoying treats, to runnign on the wheel to chowing down on monkey bisquits and dry glider chow, my glider seem to make a mess on the walls on the room they're in. Is there any sort of cover people recommend or have the best success using? Thanks!
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Re: Cage cover options? - 04/29/19 01:32 PM

There are several options.

#1 You can cover the walls with a decorative shower curtain. When it gets dirty, toss in the washer and let drip dry.

#2 A sheet over the cage... I have mixed feelings about this. They can reach it and chew on it causing threads to come loose and get tangled in them. it's very dangerous is toes get tangled. Mine tried pulling it in to the cage with them and did bite holes in it. I would recommend hanging the sheet on the wall and make sure they can't reach it.

#3 a fleece cage cover is what I use.

I've draped a large piece over the cage, made a no-sew, but settled on a sewn cage cover that fits back and sides. I opted to not sew the sides to the back so I could offer ventilation on hot summer days. I like to sew a light color on top of the cover so they can tell when it's daylight.

None of these help the floor, and for that I just vacuum when needed. Some lay a rag rug or sheet under the feet of the cage. Something washable.

If you want to try to make a cage cover, I can talk you through measuring the cage, and what options you can incorporate right here.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Cage cover options? - 05/06/19 02:58 PM

Thanks so much for the response! I'm going to try the shower curtain approach and see how that goes.

Thanks again!
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