Fabric opinions??

Posted By: sugarfluff

Fabric opinions?? - 09/17/19 12:38 AM

So many on here have had gliders for years-decades and have had all those years to develope their own opinions on what types of fabrics are best for using inside cages. We've all heard "use fleece" and I'm sure many of us have seen that used in an array of ways with other fabrics as well. Just to name some here we go...

Blizzard fleece
No_pill fleece
Minky or minky dot fleece
Cotton/fleece mix

Bit of back story: I've sewn items for 30 years, I've owned gliders for 3.5 years and except for the few things they have came with, I have made or customized everything that goes into their cages; toys, wheels, treadmills and of course all the cage sets and bonding pouches. Anything that has ever included fabric has always been made with varying thicknesses of fleece, not any minky because I did not know it was actually a type of fleece called minky fleece until more recently (i assumed it was a different fabric all together) I still use just regular types of fleece because that's what seems to be a constant in recommended fabric. I do make things for my gliders as well as selling toys and cage sets, etc, so naturally I want everything as safe as possible. I know even fleece has it's risks, nails still can get caught in it, and thats why I'm asking. About a year ago one of my gliders got caught up in some fringe on a sleeping pouch that was near a vine which lead to tangling and a trapped finger resulting in an amputation. I no longer add fringe or have vines, which I know a lot of gliders like, because I still worry it could happen again. I make sure everything is decently spaced so if one glider gets snagged a bit they aren't near more fleece to snagged a second time before getting loose.

So my questions are... what are your opinions on the varying fabrics? Which do you use or not use and why? Is fleece still the best? Have you ever seen a good safe cage made without fleece/fabric? If so, what items were used instead?
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Re: Fabric opinions?? - 09/24/19 04:40 PM

I only use fleece in the cage. Cotton feels dirty after 24 hours. I will never use flannel after that one glider got it caught in her back teeth and couldn't open her mouth.
They were minutes from euthanizing her when the vet decided to force her mouth open. That's when the found the flannel, it was as big as a quarter.
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Re: Fabric opinions?? - 09/24/19 07:49 PM

I've seen my own cage sets since a few days after getting my first glider.

I've used and still use anti-pill, blizzard, polar, and winter fleece.

I've tried cotton, denim, minky, and flannel too. I don't use these anymore for different reasons.

Many new types of fleece the nap is too short and you can see the woven material inside. I deem it unsafe. I have even rejected material that claims to be anti-pill and blizzard fleece just by visual inspection. If it's too thin, I pass it by.

I too have made fringe and they love it. But I don't care for it. Makes me nervous for the same reasons you listed.

I do make my own fleece pompoms, but watch how the material looks when it's fringed. I get my balls really tight and have changed how I put them together about a year ago.

Of course watching and clipping nails and inspecting pouches, etc are the foremost important thing to do to avoid nail snags.
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Re: Fabric opinions?? - 09/25/19 05:35 PM

I have a sleeping pouch with a big flap over the opening , some leave it some pull it into the pouch. It just depends on the colony.
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