Crittertrail Fun-nel

Posted By: Hydrus

Crittertrail Fun-nel - 05/31/20 10:03 PM

Good afternoon everyone smile

Do any of you use or know if the crittertrail tubes are safe? The one I have is Twist and Turn Tubes. Here is a link to them:

I didnt see them on the dangerous list but some lady on facebook said they would get stuck. I thought I'd check with you guys as I've been with this group for years now smile I have a hard time seeing my girls getting stuck. They arent overweight or anything like that. What are your thoughts? If it's a risk I'll just pop them apart (into halves) and hide treats under them. Oh, and I didnt intend on making a maze or anything like that, I'd only be using small 3-4 inch sections and place them around the cage with treats in them.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Crittertrail Fun-nel - 06/01/20 01:37 AM

My biggest concern would be them trying to pass each other or turn around and possibly get stuck.

My gliders are a bit chunky. I have had something similar when they were young. But now I wouldn't risk it.

You could lay one section out and observe them with it.

Be sure to consider how long you make the tunnels if you decide to use them. They can become asfixiated.

The inside diameter should be at least 2.25 - 2.5" at minimum.

I have used ferret flex tunnels before. I have also made tunnels from 1/2" plastic mesh. I make them at least 3" in diameter so they can pass each other and not feel trapped. The next tunnels I make will be 4" in diameter...

Use your best judgement. Just keep the gliders' safety in mind.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Crittertrail Fun-nel - 06/01/20 01:52 PM

I agree 100% with everything Dawn has said about these tunnels which are intended for hamsters or small rodents like mice.

Gliders also have a tendency to huddle and sleep in small spaces which could be very dangerous if they decided to do that in a tunnel.

I would go with one of her alternate choices agree
Posted By: Hydrus

Re: Crittertrail Fun-nel - 06/01/20 07:09 PM

Thank you so much guys. I'll not risk it. I'll break the tubes in half and just use to hide treats.

I appreciate it!
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