Ellen Ross

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Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 01:58 PM

Yesterday we received a call from Bruce that our Beloved Miss Ellen crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in her sleep.

Many of you never had the pleasure of knowing her personally or even here on GliderCENTRAL, but because of her this message board and all it stands for is what it is today.

Ellen and Bruce stepped in as Owners in 1998, with Ellen being the 'Mother Hen' of GliderCENTRAL, a name the staff affectionately gave her.

Ellen not only attended but worked the SGGA's, coming up with many ideas to raise money for the glider community. She helped raise funds for the First Diet Study and helped with too many things to remember.

She was also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great friend.

We will miss you Miss Ellen.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 02:11 PM

Prayers for her and her family
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 02:32 PM

Lady Bug, you and I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone not to mention the face time we spent at the SGGAs. My goodness we had some fun, didn't we cool

You have certainly been missed around here. You will be so missed by your family and friends.

Knowing you was such an honor and privilege.

Love you, Ellen.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 02:39 PM

My time with her was precious. I adored her. She was indeed our "Mother hen" and she played that part well. Gave props when you did something good and gave smacks when you did something bad.

Miss Ellen meant a LOT to me. I have missed her dearly over the years but she never left my mind or heart just as she will not now.

My heart is filled with sadness for my own selfish reason, but my soul is filled with joy for her freedom from pain and suffering.

Her and Bruce were a larger part of my life than they realized, and they always will be.

R.I.P. Miss Ellen, I am sure you and Karin will come up with all sorts of ways to 'get us'.

Until we meet again. heart
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 02:58 PM

I feel like a wonderful, golden era has died right along with her. My heart weeps with sadness, yet I also weep tears of joy that she is now free from pain and in heaven with all her gliders & dogs that passed before her. I am glad for the years I had with her as my mentor while being a mod here on GC.

Bruce, please know that my heart is with you during this time of sorrow & joy. God bless you. (((hugs)))
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 03:04 PM

I never had the pleasure of knowing Ellen, but I thank her for all she has done for GliderCENTRAL. My deepest condolences to her family and those here that knew her so well. hug2
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 03:17 PM

I will never forget the 'hammer', Miss Ellen. tounge

You will forever remain in my heart.

Rest in Peace Sweet Lady.

My prayers are there with you Bruce, and the rest of the family.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 05:07 PM

Though I did not know her, I mourn her as one mourns the fallen dove, and recognize a great light in the world has now gone out.

For thee, O now a silent soul, my sister,
Take at my hands this garland, and farewell.
Thin is the leaf, and chill the wintry smell,
And chill the solemn earth, a fatal mother,
With sadder than the Niobean womb,
And in the hollow of her breasts a tomb.
Content thee, howsoe'er, whose days are done;
There lies not any troublous thing before,
Nor sight nor sound to war against thee more,
For whom all winds are quiet as the sun,
All waters as the shore.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 06:10 PM

...I never met Ellen in person...but I talked to her many times on the phone. she was an angel right here on earth. My thoughts...and my prayers go out to her family. She was a true friend...a trusted friend...she had so much love to give and she gave it.

I love you Ellen...take care of our babies up there and give Charlie a hug for me.

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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 06:36 PM

My heart goes out to Miss Ellen ' s family. I never had the chance to meet her but have seen her work on the board.

Glide Free Miss Ellen :rbridge:
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 06:50 PM

My prayers are with her family.
Right now I am sure she is cuddling all those gliders that have also passed over the rainbow bridge, and her smile is a mile wide. I am thankful for the work she has done for our furry glider friends.
Posted By: Viva La Glider

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 07:06 PM

I've always had the deepest respect and admiration for both Ellen and Bruce. Thank you Bourbon for sharing this news with me. When I think of Ellen, I think passionate, compassionate, and desire to learn facts scientifically. I was blessed to have shared many long conversations with her and Ellen was generous with her time and eager to progress knowledge in sharing improved sugar glider husbandry. Ellen, you will always be loved and deepest condolences to Dr. Bruce. Lisa
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 07:39 PM

Bourbon I thank you for letting me know. I had the pleasure of knowing Ellen for many years. We talked late into the night at SGGA's and I don't know how many hours were spent on the phone, but I know we had quite a few marathons. Boy I learned so much from her. The SGGA's have not felt the same without Ellen and Bruce. I had not talked to Ellen in years. Partly because my illness was getting worse and I was away from the community for so long. I used to be known as K and D Exotics. The other reason was because Ellen was just starting to get very ill herself. Thanks to Lucy we all called and talked to Ellen at this years SGGA while we were at dinner. It was hard not to cry out of happiness when I heard her voice. That moment is such a blessing especially now. I loved Ellen very much and will continue doing so. She is one of the greatest women I have had the pleasure to meet. Bourbon and everyone took Ken and I in and embraced us and I don't think we have ever felt more loved and wanted than by this group of people. Ellen was a force and I'm sure she still is. I agree that Ellen and Karin (another force ) will both be up there having all sorts of fun and watching over us to make sure we stick to the point and that is that we are here to learn and take care of the gliders. Ellen is no longer in pain and in a great place. RIP Ellen you will be greatly missed.
Bruce I am so sorry for your loss your family as well.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 09:33 PM

I am saddened to hear this! Thank you Ellen for everything you did! Bruce will be in my thoughts and prayers
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 09:54 PM

This is a sad time for the entire glider community, Ellen you will be missed! My thoughts and prayers are with my glider family!
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 10:04 PM

Anyone who has pictures from past SGGAs, please feel free to post them as well all walk down Memory Lane with Ellen.

There are so many memories of the good times we shared with her.

Bourbon, you have the SGGA Galleries.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 10:04 PM

I've been to several SGGA's, but I cannot say that I recall ever having had the opportunity to meet her personally.

I have, however, spent several years enjoying the fruits of her labors here on GC. Thanks to this website, I've learned many hundreds of important facts and met even more people than there may be stars in the sky.

Thank you, Ellen, for all your labors while here in this world. Many many lives have been touched by your love for sugar gliders, and I stop to say a heart-felt THANK YOU! hug2

I hope a place of honor has been reserved for you among all the other glider saints who have preceded you. Watch over the gossamer pouches where our babies sleep until we all meet again. angel
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 10:05 PM

My deepest condolences to Bruce and his family ..
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 11:34 PM

Miss Ellen meant alot to alot of people. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 11:45 PM

Rest In Peace, Ellen. Bruce and all of her loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers. I have missed Ellen's presence on the board and I respect and admire her greatly. <3 Much love and many hugs to all who knew and loved her.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 11:49 PM

Wow! I am so sorry for the Ross Family as well as for GC community.

Even though Ellen has not been active for some time... I still and so do others... remember Ellen as the Rock of the Glider Community with Glider Central. She along with Bruce's support have done sooooo much for this community.

Fly High and give my little Sesamie a kiss for me.

Till we meet again.....

Judie Hausmann
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/11/14 11:56 PM

Just a few photos to share of such an amazing woman who was loved by so very many.

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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 01:45 AM

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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 01:59 AM

Peggy thank you for those pics!!!! That meant a lot. I wish I took photos more. I always forget to do it.
Posted By: Viva La Glider

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 02:13 AM

Thank you Srib for posting the pictures. I was shocked and delighted to see there was a picture of me with Ellen! I have downloaded it and will cherish it always. Bravo to you. Ellen touched SO many lives! Lisa

P.S. And Ellen Ross was a world class hugger! So sincere, so much love.

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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 02:52 AM

Prayers for peace for all who loved Ellen. She fought a great fight against her illness but was called home to heaven leaving all of us here with tears. heart

Until we meet again have fun for us up there Ellen and Karin!
Posted By: Cora

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 03:29 AM

Heaven gained another beautiful person. I lit a candle in memory of Ellen.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 12:16 PM

Sending prayers and deepest sympathy...
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 04:24 PM

Sympathies to Bruce and the family. I bet Ellen and Karin are having a ball together.
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/12/14 04:50 PM

I am so sorry to hear! cry Love and comfort to Bruce and family hug2
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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/13/14 12:31 PM

Bruce and all of Ellen's family, I am sorry for your loss.
Ellen thank you for all you have done in the glider community. Rest in Peace and be free from all pain.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/14/14 03:46 PM

I'm sorry for such a loss. I personally didn't know her, but know she will be missed by so many, and my sympathy goes out to all of those who knew her.
Posted By: SweetGliders

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/15/14 01:28 AM

My heart is so broken. I met Ellen and Bruce early on after getting my gliders and what a sweet lady Ellen was. She would talk to you all hours and answer any questions you might have. We were all pretty new back then and were all learning. She will be greatly missed but we all know that God gained a beautiful and wonderful angel. Bruce you are and wonderful and strong man and I know you will get through this. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family. Just knowing that Ellen is at peace now and in heaven watching over all of us. May God Bless you and keep you close.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/15/14 05:45 AM

I never got the chance to personally know or meet Ellen, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about her and what she's done for sugar gliders.

You will be terribly missed and always remembered, Ellen. God received a very special angel!

My deepest condolences, Bruce.
Posted By: CritterHill

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/15/14 04:51 PM

So sorry for your loss Bruce. I was lucky enough to join GC when Ellen was still active here. She was a wonderful lady. hug2
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/15/14 04:55 PM

Sadly I never knew Ellen, but deepest condolences to Bruce and family. hug2
Posted By: Lucy

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/16/14 01:40 PM

I haven't posted yet because it's been hard for me to put into words how great the loss of Ellen is in my life. Even though we haven't talked much in recent years (I was always afraid it wasn't a good time and just didn't call often), the impact of Ellen on my life is profound. And the loss of her to this community is immeasurable. Whether or not you knew her, that is true.

Like many, I saw Ellen online long before I met her at the Clarksville SGGA. I still remember the blinged gold shoes and sparkly shirt she wore that first night! That was the SGGA where I met so many of you: Bourbon, KarenE, Alice, Kathy, and so many others.

I remember when Clara gave her the board and she and I were administrators, and we didn't know what the heck we were doing. Software updates that Tom and Eddie could do in their sleep were ulcer-producing as we waited and waited to see if the changes we made worked, or would bring down everything.

Calls at 3:30 in the morning because there was a trouble-maker on the board. The special problems that a certain rogue moderator who shall remain nameless caused problems for the board for so long. We giggled, cried, worried, and laughed so much during those days. Efforts to make it a drama free community were so hard. I wasn't used to that, and it was a crazy time. I thought Bruce Ross was a saint for how much he tolerated the craziness -- and now I know it was just because he loved her that much. I mean, I think he loved the gliders, too, but mostly, he loved that Ellen was so passionate about them.

One of my personal favorite memories - and there are so many - was when I had a sick glider, and my vet was being dismissive about how to intervene. She called my vet and scolded her, and told her "don't you know that this is a SPECIAL glider?" My vet made me a VIP that day and never ever failed to return my calls or take care of me and my gliders' needs after that day.

Bruce and Ellen were behind the first glider diet study - that had never been done before, not by vets or researchers - anywhere. They spent so much of their own money looking into the aflatoxin situation that killed some of their own gliders, some quickly and some over time. And of course, they opened the door wider and wider for thousands of people who needed good, quality information without the bashing that so often accompanied it.

I think their phone number, which has been lost during several phone crashes, will forever be etched in my mind. Bruce and Ellen came to see me once, and we went to the racetrack (Keeneland is not like any other racetrack). We had such a good time that I've had trouble going back there ever since, because it will always be "our" place to play.

There was no topic off limits. She tried to get me married off. We talked religion and sex and politics and all the taboo topics. Even in days where there were disagreements and miscommunications, she was always a friend I knew I could count on, and remained that even after I left GliderCentral.

I loved the stories about about the glider emergencies she would answer the phone for at ALL hours, the stories about what she and Bruce were up to, stories of her dogs, and stories about Delaney, who she treasured.

I just hope she knows how much she meant to me, and that Bruce knows how special the two of them together have been in my life, and how much I grieve for the loss of Ellen and for what that loss means to the glider community. She was a lady, and a unique and special one at that.

I've thought a lot over the past week about how to describe Ellen. Her sacrificial giving of her time and energy, and her passion about people and animals made her someone to cherish. And I do.

Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/16/14 07:34 PM

Lucy, you expressed you love and friendship for Ellen very well. Through your eyes, I feel like I've had a glimpse of what she truly did for the glider community. It is truly because of people like her that we are where we are today.
Posted By: Usha77

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/16/14 11:51 PM

Originally Posted By: GliderNursery
Lucy, you expressed you love and friendship for Ellen very well. Through your eyes, I feel like I've had a glimpse of what she truly did for the glider community. It is truly because of people like her that we are where we are today.

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Re: Ellen Ross - 09/18/14 03:38 AM

My deep condolences to Bruce. GliderCENTERAL is an invaluable resource to suggie owners thanks to Miss Ellen. May her dedication and kindness be an inspiration to us all.
Posted By: hwh4ev

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/18/14 09:13 AM

heaven has another angel to care for our lost gliders.
condolences to bruce and family.
Posted By: Lucy

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/18/14 05:45 PM

Obituary for Ellen:
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/18/14 08:01 PM

Thank you for sharing that Lucy.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/18/14 11:38 PM

Thank you Lucy
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/19/14 03:37 PM

Our deepest condolences. Although Bozeman and I never knew Ellen, we heard all the wonderful things about her and had the privilege to work as moderators on GC. I'm sure all our babies who crossed rainbow bridge were waiting for her on the other side.
Posted By: BMXgirl

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/23/14 03:03 AM

Last night, while cleaning out some stuff, I came across this tiny little plastic Barrel of Monkeys monkey, my Ellen monkey. As soon as I picked it up, I smiled. The memories flooded my brain. Being notoriously known for the whole Barrel of Monkeys thing...and Ellen telling me any chance she got how she and Dr. Bruce HATED those damn monkeys, but loved that the gliders loved them... I squeezed it in my hand and smiled remembering the day she handed it to me giggling at the 2005 SGGA and said, it was from Bruce. Me tormenting Bruce with the barrel of monkeys and Ellen just laughing and laughing. (She even distracted him while I hid them in his hotel bathroom/shower area. tounge ) I decided last night that I was going to drill a teeny tiny hole in it and have a silver bail put on it to add to a cherished charm bracelet. Tonight, I walked past my dresser, saw it lying there and again, picked it up. Now, periodically I check in here...scanning, reading, laughing, smiling, crying, secretly trying to keep up with the community I so dearly loved and still do. Something pulled me to the computer tonight with tiny red plastic barrel of monkey in hand and I am caught off guard by our Mascot crying at the header. My eyes scan the page and I see it... frown

I have so many fond memories of Ellen (her silliness and motherly advise on the phone, her devotion to Gliders and this community, standing up for what she believed in), the Mother Hen as I liked to call her. What a blessing she truly was.

Lucy, that was beautifully written my friend. (Miss you & so many others here. You have no idea how often I really think of you all. Peggy, Alicia/Chase, Karen, Bourbon, Eddie, Mary, Teresa, oh the list goes on...)

Bruce, my love and heart go out to you and the family. <3 Ellen was loved by many, so very loved.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/23/14 01:57 PM

HOPE!!!! OMG, I miss you!!

I would have called you to let you know but I lost your number. I wish I would have seen you post anywhere but here. I think of you often.
Posted By: Jayel

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/23/14 02:49 PM

Thanks, Peggy, for emailing and letting me know that Miss Ellen had made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge. Miss Ellen will be missed by many for she has touched more lives than most of us due in a lifetime. She and Glider Central were instrumental in setting me on the right path when I stumbled in with my first little sugar baby, Precious. My gliders have lived long and healthy lives due to the information that Ellen Ross so selflessly shared. In my time as a moderator here, I found Miss Ellen to be fair, kind and generous. May the Glider Central site serve as a living legacy to her dedication and love of these small gentle creatures and their human companions.

We'll take an extra hour in the play room tonight in your honor, Miss Ellen. Extra licky treats all around.

/gentle hugs to family and friends
Posted By: Lucy

Re: Ellen Ross - 09/27/14 10:45 PM

Hope, Jayel, I have loved reading your post and just remembering those days -- I miss you all!!
Posted By: SugarBaby22

Re: Ellen Ross - 11/11/14 06:35 PM

So sorry to hear about the passing of Miss Ellen.
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