New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy

Posted By: KarenE

New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy - 08/12/19 02:31 AM

In order to better serve the glider community, I have deleted the 50 post requirement to place glider ads in Classifieds, unless approved by an Administrator, which was implemented long ago when we felt it was necessary. Every registered member should now be able to see and post in Classifieds.

The Rules regarding ads have also changed. Please read here rather than under the Board Rules & Policies.

Rescue Me has changed a little also, however, not much from how it was before. Please read here.

Any questions/comments may be posted here or PM me.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy - 08/12/19 03:23 PM

Classifications within the three sub forums have been updated.
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