My First Heart Attack

Posted By: joanneM

My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 04:49 AM

Tonight my new girls... well mostly one, Nyx, was jumping and playing at the front of the cage and not hanging onto the back in my presence. Felt she was showing off for me so I offered a piece of dried papaya. She came to the bars and happily took it. Meanwhile, Nova is shyer and will only come as far as the side of the cage. I tried offering her a treat too but she wouldn't come near the bars so I made the biggest mistake. I opened the door so I could slowly reach in with the treat. Suddenly I had Nyx on my back and it would have been ok but my shihtzu stood up with her paws on me to see this fascinating small squirrel. Nyx jumped off me and was jumping from couches onto a cat tree,to curtains, to the floor into the kitchen, all with a small dog and 2 cats being very entertained. They followed her but didn't actually chase. There was no hissing or lunging, just jumping. So finally, what seemed like hours but was 30 seconds, she was cornered in the kitchen by me. My husband grabbed the dog and shooed cats so it was just me an Nyx. I slowly lowered my hand and she suddenly ran up my arm to my back . I was hunched over and walked slowly back the the cage and basically turned my back to the door so she could jump in. My heart was beating so fast. So, now, I will not be opening the cage door when they're fully awake! My new tent should arrive tomorrow thank heavens. I'm not sure how scared Nyx was since there was no crabbing or lunging but I know I was!!!
Posted By: Hutch

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 08:34 AM

I wouldn't worry too much about Nyx, from her reaction, she probably just considered it an adventure. I'm very glad for you it worked out. I had a similar moment when I was dog-sitting for a friend. Gwyn leaped from my back to the floor & began exploring. Lady (the dog) started following. Luckily this dog listens to me well & was slightly afraid of the gliders after Merlin gave Lady her first crab earlier that evening. A quick 'stay' & she was just laying on the ground watching from a safe distance.

My girls (most especially Gwyn) still will take every opportunity to 'escape' if I open the door. Luckily we've bonded enough that she doesn't go far from me... unless they're in explore/follow-the-tail mode.

The important thing is to teach your gliders to jump to you once they're caught/cornered. It becomes a game to them. At this point, if I catch-up to either of my girls when exploring or following-the-tail, they will jump on my leg & run up me. (Arthur still requires me to lean over & offer a hand, but he's far less of a mover.) I got them to this point by giving them a treat when they'd come back to me (even if I had to scoop them up at first). Bribery: it accomplishes so much, lol.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 01:42 PM

I feel for you! Been there myself! But you are a safe place, and they already know it.

BTW, you will learn, but gliders love to ride on your back (I think it's instinct from riding on mommy's back). They will usually hang upside down, right at your shoulder blades, right where they can't be reached... So you can walk upright back to the cage. They will hang on.

Escapes happen, it's great that they are starting to trust you. Offering your hand was the best way to handle the situation. You did good! No panic, no grabbing hands... Awesome!
Posted By: joanneM

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 01:54 PM

I've only had them for a week and learned not to grab them without using a blanket. This morning she was still up at 7:30 and jumped to the cage door when I approached. I think she wanted more fun. I didn't fall for it!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 02:18 PM

Glad all is well. I think all of us have experienced at least one of these heart attacks. Comes with owning gliders but certainly doesn't make that first one any less frightening :willy:

Head up, they have plenty more in store for you :lol:
Posted By: Stef333

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 04:43 PM

My Yoda's first escape from the cage was a heart-pounding experience as well! Well done on corralling the other animals and encouraging Nyx back to the cage.

They do teach us pretty quickly about what not to do... like opening the cage door if we need them to stay inside. wink
Posted By: joanneM

Re: My First Heart Attack - 01/20/17 05:11 PM

I was terrified that the dog or cats would hurt her. She was way too fast for them but even when they were close, they seemed confused by her. I don't think any of them have much hunting instinct luckily. My husband told me to grab her but I knew Ithat wouldn't end well.
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