Re-Introducing a glider to their family

Posted By: Amy_S

Re-Introducing a glider to their family - 02/02/17 07:49 PM

I have two gliders that were sick and have been separated from the rest of their family; one about four weeks and the other about 3 weeks. The other day I was getting ChubChub out of his cage to give medicine and his little Houdini self got away from my hands. He began climbing down the cage under his, which has his brother and dad/his original home. The brother and dad were on the inside of the cage, but as ChubChub started to climb down it, the brother started barking, grabbing him, and biting him. I was able to get him away very quickly but I am very worried about putting either of them back in there. Any advice on this, or should I just keep them separated from the brother and dad?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Re-Introducing a glider to their family - 02/03/17 03:51 AM

Sometimes with an illness rather than a healed injury, it is difficult if not impossible to reunite them. I had this happen many years ago where the one who had a minor illness would not be taken back.

There is no way to tell why, but if you try please be extremely careful and vigilant with the one who has been sick.

The brother grabbing and biting through the cage is an indication the reintroduction may not go well. Definitely do not put them together where they have full contact.
Posted By: Amy_S

Re: Re-Introducing a glider to their family - 02/14/17 04:16 PM

I was afraid of this being the case. I will just keep the sick ones separated for now and maybe in the future put the sick ones in a cage together. I will not being taking any sort of chance in putting the sick/previously sick ones back with their brother and dad. That's so sad, but I will do what I can to protect them and keep them well!:(
Thank you for the advice!
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