Night Barking happy or sad?

Posted By: Alan

Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/16/17 07:07 PM

So last night, I was peacefully sleeping when at 5:30am my wonderful Wicket decided to sing me the song of her people. This has happened before and usually she stops after a minute or if it continues I give a sharp tsk! From bed and she stops. But not last night. It went on for over an hour, I went over to check thinking maybe something is wrong but no, both girls were out and running around so it wasn't even like they were alone. It was more of a barking, not really a crabbing. Then Wicket stopped and Leota decided she needed to have the last word and so started up. I love my girls and I really can't afford a second cage to hold a 3rd glider right now, but do you think they are lonely? Or just playing and fighting? They are sisters, but it's just the 2 of them. I have no qualms about a 3rd besides the money right now, vet and an extra cage mainly. Has this happened to anyone else? It didn't sound sad but again my many tsk!'s didn't stop it and glider noises are still new to me.....
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/16/17 07:10 PM

Originally Posted By: Alan
Wicket decided to sing me the song of her people

That is exactly what they are doing - Just talking to each other. You will get used to it. We all do.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/16/17 08:36 PM

They miss you... "Hey human, I want a treat! I want tent time! My sister is staring at me ! Ooh she touched me!!! We are up and you should be too! It's my turn on the wheel! Hey human are you paying attention?"
Posted By: Alan

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/16/17 10:40 PM

Well I'm glad it's not a bad thing. At some point I do want to get them some friends but just can't right now but I also want them to be happy!!! They have done better, coming to the front of the cage when I walk by and taking treats through the bars in the morning but I was so worried because I thought they were sad or stressed.
I'm still going to hate them a bit in the early mornings though haha.
Posted By: Stef333

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/17/17 11:50 PM

I have a young female glider (Winky) who is much more vocal about everything than my boy (Yoda). We go through cycles where Winky will bark every night around 3:30am for a few minutes, then quiet down if I sing to her or approach the cage. I try not to respond regularly so that she doesn't train me to get up in the middle of the night whenever she pleases, but sometimes I can't help myself. Thankfully, she'll go for weeks with no barking at all.

For the last few nights, Winky has been offering her 3:30am wake-up service, but last night Yoda beat her to it! Around 1:00am he started barking hard and loud. After a few minutes of that, I got up to see if something was wrong. He was clinging to the back bars of the cage, but nothing seemed amiss in the cage or in the room. (Winky was behaving cautiously, but not frozen in place as often happens when one is barking.) I even offered Yoda a dried blueberry, which he managed to chew and bark around at the same time.

I opened the cage and slowly approached Yoda with my hand. He reached out to grab me with his front paws, but maintained a death grip on the cage bars with his back paws. After a while the tone of his bark changed to a two-note repetition, kind of like the very beginning of crabbing, without actually crabbing, repeated over and over. I hadn't heard that noise before.

I whispered to him, petted him, sang to him... but nothing could make Yoda stop barking. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. He stopped at some point, but I don't know when. I don't know if it's a moon cycle thing or what, but they do seem to go through bouts of night time noisiness.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/18/17 12:11 AM

The two should be fine together, you shouldn't need to get more gliders if the two are happy together.

I had two girls who came bonded together already, not related I do not think. Then I did home a boy, and they are all now together, but I think my girls would have been fine with just the two of them.
Posted By: Alan

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/18/17 04:16 PM

I have no idea what it could be. I did get up and check on them a few times and everything seemed fine, they even came to the cage front to say hi, but they are still skittish of me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets woken by the barking I'm a pretty heavy sleeper but wow! They have done it a bit the past few nights but nothing like the long one. I'm wondering if maybe they need more toys. I have a lot of fleece and I have some of the eggs, I hide stuff in the coconut hanger, and they have a bunch of links plus a Pom Pom station, and I just added some honey straws in. I'll take a look around for something more to keep them occupied. They seem to know me and be comfortable with me, as during tent time they tend to want to be on my back or head looking out, not running around as much.
I'm also glad I don't have to get another one. In the future I think I'll be looking for more but needing to get their own cage is out of my price range right now. I just want my girls happy and healthy. They are getting so big!!! Now just to clip nails....haha.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Night Barking happy or sad? - 05/18/17 11:57 PM

You could try adding or switching out their toys on a regular basis, but they'll still probably bark when they got something to say, lol.

It's good though, to change out their toys. I've pretty much rotated toys around fairly often. They have so many, I seem to leave some out for some time and then put them in there, and they think it's new, not really, but they seem interested in it again.

I have three main floor toys (besides one of the wheels usually on the floor). A large, fake branch that I rotate in horizontal and vertical positions, and then a tree house and a Noah's Arc that get rotated, they love them!

Then I alternate some hanging toys or a toy bin/box or play pit that usually sits on the floor or a shelf. I don't always have a play pit in there because they don't use it too much. Most of their hanging toys are just forage or reset, and sometimes just things for them to fiddle with or chew if they want. I've recently started adding some real wood perches and ledges for them to jump to and from.

Mine bark occasionally or maybe I just don't always hear them. It rarely disturbs me though, only every once in a while. You will get used to it over time, but may find occasions it seems obsessive. Do not worry, if you want to check on them it's fine, I sometimes do and their always okay, but you don't have to check on them all the time if you don't feel like it.
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