Which room or area is best to keep cage

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Which room or area is best to keep cage - 09/12/17 09:38 PM

Hello! New mom of trio here. I have wanted sugar gliders for years but waited until my 4 kids left home as we had a very busy, happy but noisy household. I do still have three very active dogs, who are very curious about the newest additions. Here's my question...

Initially I wanted my babies in the living room to be where we are in the evenings. I wonder though, after the first week, if it is still too noisy of an area for them. With the TV usually going and dogs sniffing and playing nearby the cage. They are not coming out of their pouch AT ALL, if we are active in the room. I can hear them at night but they will run back into pouch if you get close by (especially the dogs).

I have had success with tent time but with the dogs curiousity and them trying to join us in the tent, I already know I need to move the tent somewhere away from the dogs.

I have a spare bedroom where I can keep them into a more quiet area. I was thinking about putting my tent in there and having it be 'their' space. But honestly, I loved the idea of having them out and about with us in the same room during the evenings.
But maybe it is not what is best for them.

Any recommendations from the pros out there?

Much thanks!
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Re: Which room or area is best to keep cage - 09/12/17 10:03 PM

:welcomegc: wave

We are empty nesters too. We did keep the girls in our living room. They would only come out when it was dark, and TV was quiet.

We moved them to our bedroom when grandkids were coming to visit and decided to leave them in there. They are more active now. Having said that, we also live in an RV 3/4th of the year. We are contractors. We also moved their cage into our room, and they prefer it there. We are bonded, and they hitch a ride to other rooms.

We don't have dogs, but depending on the breeed, it may be safer if the gliders have their own room where a door can be shut. I would also make that room safe for them in case they escape. It will also be less stressful for them.
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Re: Which room or area is best to keep cage - 09/13/17 12:19 AM


I also have a trio, and I keep their cage in my bedroom. When I first got gliders, I homed a pair of female gliders. I kept their cage (they came with) in my 2nd bedroom (originally). This second bedroom was set up as multi-purpose, it had a bar for line drying, the computer/desk and all, bowflex, another desk/dresser and some other storage pieces of furniture. It was rather cramped, lol, but it was used for many purposes, so used rather frequently. The cage was situated in a corner of joining wall to my bedroom, the computer desk was right next to it. So it was mainly relatively quiet, but still spent quite a bit of time in there for them to see us (me, mostly), and get familiar with me.

But then I noticed a little rust on the cage, so opted to purchase a new cage with smaller footprint, though larger (Madagascar cage). This was moved into my bedroom, there was a corner where it fit perfectly. I eventually got my lone male, and kept his enclosure in previous space where the girl's original cage was kept through quarantine and pre-intro. After intro, they all lived in the cage in my bedroom, and have been in my bedroom since, however, I have moved twice since then. I do not mind them being in my room, and for the most part they do not disturb me, most of the time I hear them, I'm already awake and I enjoy hearing them having a good time. Once in a while, their barking will disrupt me, but I think I could be not sleeping well those nights anyway.

In my personal opinion, I feel the best location for a gliders cage is where it's not so obnoxiously loud with commotion that will prevent them from doing what they do, but also where you spend some time, so they can grow familiar with you and some noise. A natural light cycle works best, so windows or well lit during the day, and not quite so bright at night.
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Re: Which room or area is best to keep cage - 09/28/17 09:51 AM

I might be coming to this game a little late, but I also keep mine in my main room. What I've noticed is that as long as the TV is a reasonable volume (I can hear clearly, but the next room barely can hear it) & the lights are low (I generally only need a low-watt side lamp), they'll follow their normal routine. If I do have the main light on brightly or a lot of noise (aka game night)... they'll hide.

So, the main room is definitely doable, you just need to consider them in to your habits.
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