Group Bonding?

Posted By: BridgitKBruce

Group Bonding? - 12/29/17 01:51 AM

So, my girls have come to enjoy tent time smile they are very active and playful. My question is, is group bonding time ok? Our gliders, Suki and Tem, and myself and my human kids Emma (17) and Jack (10)
They seem to prefer climbing on me so far, but jump around and climb on the kids too.
Anyone else have any experience with “family bonding?”
Posted By: Terry

Re: Group Bonding? - 12/29/17 02:08 AM

At the best, my X had spent some time with me at bonding, but that was rare. He also at first snuck in some time with the girls by himself in the beginning, but that didn't last long.

My girls started out with a family, and I believe that they had family interaction time with them, but eventually the children lost interest and also didn't like being pottied on. That's what the mom told me when I home them. They unfortunately spent the most of their first year they didn't get so much human interaction besides from the mom who took care of their needs.

So, to answer your question, it should be fine to have them with your family.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Group Bonding? - 12/29/17 02:38 AM

That is great, you are in there to make sure that the kids handle to gliders with out being rough.

Plus you are also there in case one of the kids gets a face hug and freaks out.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Group Bonding? - 12/29/17 09:16 AM

We have 14 grandkids. They have all petted the gliders, and 11 of them have had tent time with the girls. (Not all at once, 2 or 3 at a time, depending on the children). They all love the girls very much and it allows them social time.
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