Glider personalities

Posted By: Shibaby3

Glider personalities - 04/07/18 07:32 PM

Hi, I have had my two glider for over a month now. I have cozmo the platinum and Stella the grey. When I adopted them the owner said cozmo was temperamental and Stella was quite and sweet. Well now getting to know them for myself Stella is my scared sassy one and cozmo is amazing. Each of them are handled everyday and go everywhere with me. Stella still crabs at me if I try to touch her and cozmo comes right to me. Was wondering if some gliders just act like that and there is no changing it?
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Glider personalities - 04/07/18 08:17 PM

Gliders do have very distinctive personalities, but that doesn't mean they're any more rigid in what they'll tolerate any more than people are. Time, patience, & effort will enact change. If you doubt that, check out my early posts of Gliders of the Round table & compare it to later posts. Mine have come a long way, at different rates of adaption, & are all bonded at their own levels of attachment.

Stella will come around, but it will take more time & patience; a month isn't that long. Think of it like dating... a month doesn' make a soulmate any better than it makes a bonded glider. You're aiming for the long game here. Talk to her before you reach towards her, offer small treats frequently so she associates you're reaching with positive results, & move slowly (remember, they like to smell first, much like a dog or cat).

Enjoy the bonding - it is frustrating as first but quite a memorable journey.
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Re: Glider personalities - 04/07/18 09:52 PM

I have only had my gliders 2 days, and have noticed they have very different personalities. I haven't begun the true bonding process as yet, but watching them is giving me an idea how each one might progress.

I can see patience is key. Hutch has some great advice. This is going to be a long term relationship, and take each day as it comes. I believe you will form a lasting, loving bond with Stella as well.
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Re: Glider personalities - 04/07/18 10:00 PM

Gliders personalities are very unique, and over time can change.

Fiona was and always has been sweet. As a Joey she was calm. As an adult, she is easliy skittish, and bounces around. When she's in the hoodie, she calms down, can be held, and petted by strangers, and will go where ever I go.

Dot was so scared and traumatized when we got her. She attacked, bit, crabbed, and hated zippers, and me. I couldn't put my hand near her cage, let alone put in or take out food dishes. She fought us with every gram of strength she had, and never tired from it. It took 3 months to stop attacking, 6 months before I could put her in a tent,and 9 months to bond. She is the beta, I'm the alpha. She tolerates zippers. Barely... She doesn't like strangers, but she will tolerate them. She doesn't bite anymore. If Dot has a choice, she wants to be in her cage, rarely will she settle down in the hoodie. Bonding pouch maybe if we are in a strange place and the zipper is open.

Fiona takes her finger fed snacks along with a side of skin sometimes. Dot is ladylike and careful not to nip.

So, I hope this helps with what to expect from your babies. smile

Edit: I forgot to add Fiona can take a chunk of skin while having her nails clipped. Not every time, and it's a surprise when she gets me... Dot wants to watch.
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Re: Glider personalities - 04/07/18 10:06 PM

Sorry if this is off OP's topic, but is it best to use a pouch for nail clipping until they get more used to the process? I was thinking this might control biting.
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Re: Glider personalities - 04/08/18 01:11 AM

Oh my goodness, the personalities rofl

I had started a thread a while back that you could describe your glider's personalities using the smilies.

I don't remember exactly which ones I chose then, but if doing it now it would look like this:

Ollie: :nanana: tant :pop: jump cool sleep :pop: jump :pop: :nanana: jump cool sleep jump :pop: sleep
(the popcorn is him eating, I couldn't find any other to depict him eating) Well, I guess he doesn't really rant anymore, he has the food all to himself.

Lulu (R.I.P.):
The first year:
sleep mad tant tant :pop: jump sleep mad tant :pop: :nanana: :pop: jump tant sleep
After the first year:
sleep upset :nanana: :pop: jump sleep cool :nanana: :pop: jump cool sleep

Skadoosh (R.I.P.):
sleep :pop: cool sleep cool :pop: jump :pop: sleep cool :pop: jump sleep
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Re: Glider personalities - 04/08/18 02:27 AM

Love that Terry! LOL-my two are somewhat the same. One pops out the moment I hit a gate=Fredrick. While Barnabus will hide and has to be coaxed out and then comes right out!
Same pouch, same treat, same me! Two slightly different personalities! smile
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