2 Males 1 Female??

Posted By: eevee081717

2 Males 1 Female?? - 04/10/18 02:07 AM

So story is I have 1 female already and I'm looking to get a friend for her so she isn't alone.

Now I have a chance to rescue 2 males, both are neutered and already bonded to each other. My question is how safe/can it be done to put my female in with the 2 males?

Anyone done this before successfully and if so how did you go about the introductions?

Oh and before you ask yes I'll do the vet checks, 30 day quarantines etc etc lol I know all about those steps
Posted By: Feather

Re: 2 Males 1 Female?? - 04/10/18 10:05 PM

I have a cage that is two males and a female. They seem to be doing ok.

Here is an article on introductions:
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