We got a jumper

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We got a jumper - 08/18/18 04:29 AM

I feel a little dumb for asking this but I feel that my situation is a little different.

As I wrote before, I have three cages that don't get along. Actually the cages get along fine, in fact I think this sunday they are going to brunch and then taking in a matinee. It's the sugar gliders inside that don't want to play nice. Cage one is the family. mom constantly wants out to run around. Dad seems like he's watching the kids but he's kind of skitish these days for some reason. and the the kids are moving around the cage but I haven't seen them eat yet, but they are healthy.
Cage two is Wendy, my sugar glider wife. Super jealous of everyone and everything. I have her in the spare room by herself most days she has the run of the room.
Cage three is Pricilla who has become a little withdrawn and portly.

So I try and play with a different cage each night but it doesn't always work out that way. Tonight I have Wendy in my room and she is clicking like crazy. I thought I had all the other's scents off me but i guess not. I try and click back at her but who knows what I'm saying.

You, know I don't even know what my question is. I just don't think I'm doing a good job. I work ten hour shifts six days a week. Yes I have all of Jan. off and feb and december are considerably slower but I just feel like these animals need more than what I'm giving. And to be honest I never go out or do anything. It's work and straight home and clean and feed and sleep.

Does anyone else go a day or two without giving them some playtime? Is there a good way to tell who is eating and how much? I know I put enough food on each plate for an army. The clicking is excitement right? or is she [censored] at me?
Do I need a sugar glider therapist?
Most of all, should I give my gliders to someone who can care for them better? Someone talk me down off this bridge please.
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Re: We got a jumper - 08/18/18 11:24 AM

I'm backing up a little bit to make sure I have your story straight....

So Wendy(just over a year old now?) may be your biggest challenge...

I read some old posts to jog my memory on Pricilla and the pair too.

Pricilla (5yr old) came from Florida, you traveled halfway to pick her up, right? What happened to her mate? Got lots of stuff with her...

The bonded breeding couple, is the male neutered now?(I think the answer is yes) I couldn't find their back story other than the prior owner was sketchy about their history. The momma won't allow Wendy or Pricilla around? Dad is ok with Pricilla?

And we have 2 beautiful Joeys. Both girls I think...

So Wendy doesn't like anyone but you, right? And you two are bonded...

Intros with the Joey's to other cages will be a challenge till they get a little older. As long as Dad is neutered, they can stay with him and mom.

Don't jump off that bridge yet, I just need to get some facts straight. I think we can get you down to 2 cages... Not sure about 1..

Edit: Yes, clicking is a happy noise smile

Marking is very normal, and is exercise. Dogs pee over other dogs pee. It's a form of communication, and pecking order. Who's gonna fight for alpha position and so on...

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Re: We got a jumper - 08/19/18 04:17 AM

Thanks for answering and rereading

Pricilla's mate just died according to her owner, don't know exactly how long ago but probably under a year but not by much. , I took her into the bathroom tonight and we hung out for about an hour, I think I need to do that every night until she starts acting like her old self. I will say that she is awful fun to pet now that she's rotund...
I then showered and played with Wendy a bit. The family got let out but no personal time with anyone. Wendy didn't go crazy thanks to the shower.
The dad is neutered so everyone is ok still haven't seen much of the girls but I'm not around a lot. I don't know if I mentioned but the mom actually spends some time when she is out of cage trying to find a way out of the living room if she does she makes a beeline for pricilla's location to attack. Thanks again.
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