Posted By: Yaniah

Bonding - 08/29/18 04:02 PM

Si I just got my first little one in 7 years. I feel like im totally new to this again. I got my girl from a breeder. She is 11 weeks oop. I was told that she is hand tamed and sweet. The breeder took her out of the pouch in a fleece blanket, and the poor girl just went nuts crabbing. Breeder said she just had a big morning, so I can kinda of understand. But if she was handled everyday like I was told, then shouldn't she be used to being carried in a pouch? I wont even be moving and she is lunging through the pouch. She won't take any types of treats from me. dont expect it to happen over night but I did expect more than this. I will give her the time she needs, but is there anything else i can do for her? She wont even take a mealie from me. She wont eat any kibd of treats if im around her at all. She doese eat all her dinner throughout the night. She did wake me up about 4 this morning with barking. Im assuming shes calling for her family. As soon as she saw me, she ran. In the mean time I got to visit with a friends suggies and their most recent oop babies. They are about 2 months old and as sweet as can be. I guess I just expected more of this little girl, to be like them. Like I said im not new to gliders, but I just feel like Im gonna make her more scared and stressed out.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Bonding - 08/29/18 10:31 PM

Right now she is in a new home with new smells. She is very afraid.

Are you going to be getting her a buddy, sometimes a buddy will help calm down a single glider.

Just be patient.
Posted By: Yaniah

Re: Bonding - 08/30/18 03:08 AM

Yes, her friend is still in pouch, maybe another 1.5 months before she is even out of pouch, then another 2 months. So it'll be a bit of time still.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Bonding - 09/20/18 03:15 PM

I can definitely see the allure of the bonding scarf over the pouch, so am also very interested to see how they work for you all.

Just make sure that whatever material they are made of is glider safe from their little nails wink
Posted By: Hydrus

Re: Bonding - 09/20/18 11:05 PM

I had the same exact experience. My two girls were lunging and crabbing like crazy. They would bite so hard it would easily go through fleece. Fast forward to 4 months later and they are MUCH better but I still cant hold them. I know that they will get there eventually but i was hoping for more lol. I wanted a super tame one like mine from 15 years ago. My breeder said the same to me and only handled her in a fleece blanket, straight from one pouch to the other. I have no doubt they will continue to warm up to me with time, but it's hard lol. I know it will be worth it in the end!
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