Question about bonding/pouch time with 2 gliders

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Question about bonding/pouch time with 2 gliders - 01/11/19 07:14 PM

We have 2 girls and they always sleep together in a pouch. I was told that you had to do pouch bonding time with them separate from each other so they'd smell you and not each other. Is this true? It makes it really hard because to do this I have to wake them and get one out and into another pouch. This is not an easy task and TBH will likely mean getting bit and them getting stressed. So, can I just put the pouch on with both of them in it?

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Re: Question about bonding/pouch time with 2 gliders - 01/11/19 08:31 PM

Yes you can! :yes:

It's actually less stressful that way on the gliders. They will offer comfort to each other and smell you through the pouch.

There are a few ways to get them out of their sleeping pouch and in to the bonding pouch that are less stressful too.

Mine are bonded and know the routine...

But for the first time might be tricky. I put a couple of treats in the bottom of the bonding bag and put it in their cage next to their sleeping pouch then I lift and tilt the sleeping pouch in to the bonding pouch. You may have to knead or push them out of their pouch into the offered bonding bag. Be patient and slow. Remember they are sleeping.

Try not to handle them with your hands you can also use a piece of fleece the size of a wash cloth to transfer them too .

I hope this makes sense and was helpful.
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Re: Question about bonding/pouch time with 2 gliders - 01/11/19 09:26 PM

I always wear all the gliders in that cage when I put them in a bonding pouch. After they get used to it, it is fun to feel them fighting over who is going to lay closest to your heart.
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Re: Question about bonding/pouch time with 2 gliders - 01/12/19 07:10 PM

in the morning I do a sleeping pouch check, I pull out pouch with hopefully all 6 inside, do my count then sit on floor with hand in pouch for about 15 minutes.
this gives them time to sniff me, lick me. usually its 2 glider grabbing my hand and 3 glider tongues cleaning off whatever is on my hand.
so I would do all of them, and as they get bonded and stop biting, my wife and I like to let them sleep with our hand in bonding pouch.
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