Possible Bonding Technique??

Posted By: JazEmber

Possible Bonding Technique?? - 04/29/19 11:03 AM

So I was thinking walking by my gliders cage yesterday evening and notice how the jump or startle when my text messages come in or sometimes when having them in bonding pouches and my phone goes off I'll notice them started to rearrange, like maybe they noticed it and it disturbed them for a sec..

Well my thoughts are downloading and setting sugar glider barks or sounds as my text ringtone and things. It may take some time for me to get used to recognizing my new sounds but I thought it might be less disturbing to the my gliders than our normal tech noises and sounds. Plus I thought, people (I'm guilty) always have their phones on them so the phones are also always around the gliders, maybe it could be a way to help gliders bond/recognize us with something positive...

Has anyone heard of anyone trying/doing this? Please feel free to give me your feedback and thoughts. Thanks so much guys!!!!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Possible Bonding Technique?? - 04/29/19 01:17 PM

Well, like many ideas on bonding, it's worth a try... Since your colony is in a pouch where they can't see, the sound of a glider barking could go two ways. Depending on the bark. There are several tones of bark that mean different things. There's the alert or alarm bark, I'm looking for a friend bark, I want a treat or attention bark. Those three I can tell apart in my crew. There is also the " Let me tell you a story" (of my people) bark when all gliders freeze their position and listen.

Gliders hearing a strange bark outside of their pouch could feel threatened or even curious at the prospect of new friends(/enemies) near by. Or it may stress them more not knowing where the other gliders are. I've listened to videos of glider noises while holding mine and noticed they become alert and look around for where the noise came from. They might even start barking.

The best way I've found to get them used to daily noises like your phone, a bump to their cage, vacuuming, thunder, loud noises outside, etc., is a constant noise near them. Like a TV or radio on. The constant noises desensitizes them to sudden noise. They are still new to your home and they may still be trying to adjust and learn the difference between normal noise and a threat. Their predator / prey instincts are really strong while they're young.

If I'm about to vacuum, or a bad storm is comming, or a sudden noise like dropping something near their cage, I talk soothingly to them to reassure things are A-Okay. Of course I still sing lullabies to them if I feel they are stressed. I also rub their pouch and lightly cup them till they stop crabbing. It's what their momma would do.

Sorry this was so long, I hope it helped.
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Re: Possible Bonding Technique?? - 04/29/19 05:47 PM

Thank you for all your advice. I know they'll eventually get used to or at least know that the sounds won't cause harm but thought it might be a way for them to recognize us with. Definitely would do the searching to find playful barks or something positive.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Possible Bonding Technique?? - 04/30/19 01:36 AM

After a while, mine actually realized that it was the phone was making the noise. Now, when they hear one of its sounds, they go looking to investigate. After all, I check it out when it makes noise, so it must be good. Except the ringing; they're not a fan. Whether it is Terminator 2's theme song or the harsh vibrating, they'll jump away, glare, & maybe bark if someone calls.

It took time, but now mine tolerate most 'household' sounds or happenings as long as I say a few words beforehand. It's almost like, "Oh, it is our noisy, bumbling hoo-man again. He just can't help it."

I did try playing gliders videos from YouTube around them a couple of times while we were still in Germany. (95% + of the time, it seemed they could not care less. The remainder varied between barking back or looking around very alertly, with one-time Gwynevere jumping on my laptop & knocking it off the table. No crabbing or balling-up sounds; she may have just been curious. Still, I needed a new screen & never tried again after that, lol!

Your results may (hopefully) vary. smile
Posted By: JazEmber

Re: Possible Bonding Technique?? - 04/30/19 11:51 AM

Thank you! I was wondering if anyone who had tried (or something similar) would post their results.
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