Re-Introductions 101

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Re-Introductions 101 - 07/18/19 01:45 PM

So I think after six months, it's time to give Dot a chance to re enter the colony, and have a trio one more time.

So here's the story for a background:

This is the story of Dot and Stewie while Fiona was on the mend:

They are long reads, but it's been complicated... Plus my heart is close to these three and Fiona is the smallest and my bra baby so I went extra steps to insure her safety.

But it is long over due to get them all back together...

So right now, Dot is a single and living in the living room in her cage. Fiona and Stewie are in their own cage at the foot of our bed in the bedroom.

Dot has been content being alone up until the last few weeks. She doesn't overly mark her territory like she has been for the last 3 months while she's been alone. She has become curious and is showing interest in Fiona and Stewie's scents, and will mark them, but not vigorously like she has in the past. And she wants to go to the bedroom to visit while the other two are sleeping to lightly mark to let them know she's been there.

Yesterday about 11am, I go to replace various hammocks for clean ones, and Dot peeks her head up and climbs on to the new hammocks as I try to hang them up. Hum... She's like wide awake... When she went back to her piuch, I scooped her up pouch and all to check her over only to discover her pouch stinks. So we went to find a fresh pouch in the bedroom. So we get as far as my bed (which I make every day just for this occasion so I don't have to wash peed sheets) and she squirms out of her pouch and jumps to the bed ... Not a normal thing for her to do... So I watch her... She belly rubs a few places on the quilt where Stewie and Fiona have also marked. Then she jumps on their cage (they are asleep) and just climbs around, lightly marking here and there. Then jumps back to the bed. So I thought well, if Dot is this curious, maybe we can do a cold intro... It is after all 11 am. So while Dot is occupied sniffing out the bed I talk to Stewie and Fiona, open their cage, pull them out in their pouch and lock the cage back up. I took them to the bed, opened up their sleeping pouch and a white nose and bright eyes of Stewie greet me first. After a few minutes he climbs out, and checks out the smells and he spots Dot. Well, no aggressive behavior from him, but Dot sees Stewie and did a dead run across the bed around the pair in the pouch straight to me and climbed on my back... And stayed there... Stewie went back in the pouch as Fiona poked her head out. While this is happening, Dot jumped to the floor and made a mad dash back to her cage in the living room... Well, so much for a cold intro...

So first step I've taken is to swap smelly pouches. Stewie and Fiona got the worst of that deal. Dot had really smelled it up. It really needed washed.

Dot's reaction to their pouch was anxiety... When I put her back in her cage with Fiona and Stewie's pouch she was searching for them like they were hiding somewhere. She marked the pouch but it took her an hour in the middle of the day to use it to sleep in.

Fiona and Stewie went right in to Dot's smelly pouch after thouroughly smelling the cage and making sure Dot didn't sneak in their cage. It was done more as looking for Dot, not anxiety. It only took Fiona about a minute, and she was settled. Stewie took about 5 minutes. And then entered the pouch and then the typical tsking of the two to get comfy and settle down to go back to sleep.

I'm giving each cage 3 days with stinky pouches and then I'm changing them out with fresh ones.

We have company for a week, but after they get their clean pouches, I will continue to swap them out just like you would for new glider introductions...

To be continued.... Oh did I mention I am excited?!? And anxious !?!?!
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/19/19 01:48 PM

clap Was holding my breath the whole time while reading. So glad there was no major confrontation.
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/23/19 03:04 PM

Pulling for you. Want to see pics of all three sharing a pouch.
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/26/19 04:11 PM

Originally Posted by Xeno
Pulling for you. Want to see pics of all three sharing a pouch.

As soon as they all get together! I promise!

We were in the bedroom playing with Fiona and Stewie. All the sudden Stewie took off for the living room. I followed him, grabbed my phone, and...

So this happened last night:
It's 1:29 and it's a big file.

Dot started chattering up a storm. They were kissing and rubbing.... I didn't want to turn her loose. The grandkids were in the guest bedroom watching SpongeBob and could come out at any moment.... But good things are happening!
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/27/19 08:39 PM

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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/28/19 12:46 AM


It looks like he's trying to mark her rofl
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/28/19 02:21 AM

Originally Posted by Hutch

It looks like he's trying to mark her rofl

It seems that way, and she isn't complaining... Then again, she does the same when she's loose and anyone is in the cage... shakehead
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 07/29/19 04:15 PM

Thank you so much for the post, Dawn.
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 09/11/19 12:00 AM

Life happens, and we are still in SC...

Just a small update.

Dot is still alone and doing fine I might add. So Dot and Fiona are playing the typical girl thing. When Fiona is in the mood to be with Dot, Dot is not interested... And vise versa... shakehead

Little Fiona at 97gr, bit Dot (at 167gr) right on the nose... And drew blood...

It's not been fun in the RV when each glider is marking over areas that the other two have been over... When I clean, it's worse... I'm anxious to be back home soon with a little more space... I'm getting tired of the slight pee/musk smell...

So I do have a question. It seems I read that gliders have scent glands near their mouths. Fiona is starting to chew on things. Like furniture, fleece cover on her cage as well as the cage bars... The other two lick things, but don't chew... Any thoughts or ideas?
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 09/11/19 01:33 AM

Hi, that bites you are still in the RV. I wonder if the chewing is due to boredom? Not sure but just a passing thought.
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Re: Re-Introductions 101 - 09/11/19 01:44 AM

Originally Posted by Claralice
Hi, that bites you are still in the RV. I wonder if the chewing is due to boredom? Not sure but just a passing thought.

Good question! I don't think so. She only does it when she is loose. She was watching TV on the back of my recliner, and just started chewing/ biting the chair. She becomes fixated about it. I'll pick her up, walk around with her and she'll jump off my shoulder and chew some more.

I offer a kibble 24 hours in their cage. I check their front teeth for chips, plaque when I do nails. They get mealies at least 3 times a week as treats and then when nails are clipped.

This behavior didn't start untill they all started marking everything about 3 months ago.
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