Taming my gliders(handheld)

Posted By: Jarryl

Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/04/19 08:23 AM

Hello there, I have Two female gliders for almost 6 months now.(gotten them when they are 2months oop).They are sweet little creatures and they are somehow bonded to me. I would spend at least 4times a week having tent time with them.

They no longer crab Nor bite at anyone. Problem is they hate being held. Whenever I hold them even for awhile, they would try to get out of my hands while making hissing noises. I tried holding on to them tightly while massaging their heads but they still don’t seem to calm down.

Tried offering mealworms while holding them and they don’t seem interested in it at all. Only a few occasions they would lick honey off my finger while being hand held and would eventually try to squeeze their way out of my hand. Anyone facing the same issue? I wish I am able to hold them in future without them freaking out.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/04/19 02:46 PM

Have you carried them in a bonding pouch during the day while they are sleeping?

If so, gently slide your hand into the pouch under the gliders and cup them in your hand. Do you squeeze or put any pressure on them at all. You can use your thumb to very gently pet them.

Most gliders do not like to be tightly held or constricted so they feel trapped. Most do like to be stroked and petted once they are bonded.

Let us know if this works for you :gluck:
Posted By: Jarryl

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/04/19 04:58 PM

The first few months after getting them I carried them wherever I go. But putting them into the pouch stopped after we bonded(IMO).

Thank you so much for your advise! I’ll try putting them back into the bonding pouch during the day! Yes I did try cupping them. One fell asleep after a few minutes of hissing and struggling, the other kept on moving for a good 10minutes which I eventually gave up and put her back into her cage.

Will update on my progress ! Thank you so much!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/04/19 06:09 PM

Sleeping in you hand while you are petting is a very good sign.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/04/19 10:46 PM

None of mine like to be held in my hand, they only tolerate it. Unless they are dead tired...

Some people can tame them to it, but I haven't tried. If the gliders were handled a lot when they were first out of pouch, will be better at it than others who haven't been handled.

I can pet mine, but I like to give them the freedom to come and go as they please. Their nature is to be unincumered (so to speak).

You can do some pouch time where you introduce your hand into their sleeping pouch. We call it "fist time". Start with a tight closed fist and let them get used to your smell in their pouch then slowly open your hand and relax. They will get used to you that way too.

Oh! I almost forgot!!!!!

wave. :welcomegc:
Posted By: Jarryl

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/05/19 09:06 AM

Facing the same exact issue now! How on earth are people to hold their gliders while feed them treats? I just want to hold them and it makes tent time easier as they wouldn’t (most of the time) go back into the cage and would always hang out on my shoulders instead. I would have to catch them and place them into their cage.

They are okay with me touching/petting them in their sleep but a no go when it comes to holding them.

Thanks a lot 😊😊
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Taming my gliders(handheld) - 11/05/19 02:44 PM

Mostly it just takes lots of time and patience. Try laying their pouch on the floor of the tent with a favorite inside it when you are ready for playtime to be over. Or do the same and hold the pouch up so they can smell the treat. You may have to alternate treats. Then place the pouch back in their cage.

Chasing and grabbing them will only make it harder each time you do it. They are smart and don't like to be grabbed wink
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