Bonding three males

Posted By: safetyinpouch

Bonding three males - 03/31/20 01:24 AM


I am having trouble bonding my duo (Bart and Rumi) with my lone male (Theo). I have spent the past weeks swapping pouches and the cages have been next to each other. Today was the first introductions and i felt Theo and Rumi were over all positive. A little teeth chatter but were not reactive. Bart and Theo however did not go as well. Bart seems very reactive to Theo and would lunge, I always intercepted (i know...probably not best as i could get bit) and Theo eventually calmed down from being stressed. Bart looks just fine...

Ideas? I know I just need to be patient but i was wondering if I could have tips, i am not in any rush. Also I was wondering if there was a bonding pouch that they could all be in together with a zipper in between.

**all my babies are neutered** I am just needed some emotional support.

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Re: Bonding three males - 04/01/20 10:25 PM

This forum used to be great. Right now there is nobody here. I don't have much experience w this frown
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Re: Bonding three males - 04/02/20 03:43 AM

Let the reactive glider live alone for a couple weeks. Continue to swap pouches and try again.
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Re: Bonding three males - 04/02/20 01:30 PM

Here is an Article written by Feather/Kim about introducing gliders to each other which you might find helpful.

Actually, I don't think you are off to a bad start since it doesn't sound like there was fighting like some have described. Separating the one as Kim said may help while some of the suggestions in her article may also help.

As far as the pouch with the zippered partition, I have not heard of that. Perhaps it could be custom made. The problem is IF they really wanted to get to each other, chewing a hole in the fleece would be very easy for them agree

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Re: Bonding three males - 04/02/20 06:03 PM

I agree with all the above.

Let the one who is causing trouble have a time out... Be ready for some extra marking of territory for a few days. Make sure to use a clean pouch and a clean cage. You have to get rid of everyone's scent...
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