Introducing New Glider...Help!

Posted By: WhisperedSecret

Introducing New Glider...Help! - 05/30/20 02:42 PM

I have just entered the world of sugar gliders in the last couple of months and brought home baby Zen who was 10 weeks out of pouch when I got him on April 18th of this year. I know that gliders should never be left solo, so I started looking for a companion for little Zen. Now little Loki has come into the picture. I currently have them in separate cages right next to each other so they can hang out at night when they come out. They are far enough away that they cannot grab each other but they can still interact. Loki is a neutered male who is 12 weeks out of pouch. Zen is still intact. I'm looking for advice on the best way to introduce them to each other. I wasn't sure if because they are so close in age it will be easier? Or if this will not matter at all...I don't want anyone getting hurt, but I also don't want them to have to be alone for much longer either. Zen is pretty outgoing and nothing seems to faze him in the slightest. Loki crabbs at absolutely everything and seems to hate everything at least for the moment. Am I better off waiting until Loki settles in more? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 05/30/20 08:53 PM

Hi, and Welcome to Glider Central...

How long have you had Loki?

He should be given a chance to settle in before intro's.

I would even consider a 30 day quarantine followed by a vet check before intro's.

As long as they are close to same age and size, they should be fine.

Here is something you may want to read to help with this process.

We hope to hear about your progress and if you have anymore questions, please ask. smile
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Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 05/31/20 04:21 PM

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I have had Loki for a few days now and he has a vet appointment on the the 9th to get checked. Thankfully Loki doesn't seem as angry today, so I'm hoping we are heading in the right direction! I read about swapping the bonding pouches, but what about also swapping things like hammocks and other toys as well? Also, today I have them both in their own bonding pouches and have been carrying them around together. Will this help?
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 05/31/20 04:39 PM

Yes, this will help. Their scents will mingle while they sleep. I would take advantage of them being separated in order for you to become bonded individually, and once they're together, they will already have some trust in you and that will really give you alot of gain on the trust and bonding journey.

Please keep us posted on how it's going and would like to hear about your well check too.
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Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 05/31/20 05:28 PM

Thank you! I will definitely keep you updated!
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Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/06/20 02:33 PM

Hello All,

So I'm really not sure what to do at this point with my two gliders...I have tried carrying both gliders around in separate pouches together to get them used to being around each other. I have tried playtime in the bathroom with toys to introduce them on neutral territory. We have swapped all of their toys and such back and forth between the two cages to mingle their scents and absolutely nothing seems to work. As soon as I try to introduce Loki into the main cage, Zen attacks him. A week and a half ago, I had Zen neutered thinking that maybe if they were both neutered this would help. I even wiped down the entire cage, washed everything fleece in the cage to remove scents, and bought new branches to make it as neutral as possible. I kept Zen in the small cage to recover from surgery and moved Loki into the main cage so he could claim territory and rub his scent everywhere. The night before last, I tried moving Zen in and he immediately went after Loki and chased him to the bottom of the cage and wouldn't let him go anywhere else. I ended up removing him for the night so Loki could relax. Last night, I tried again and I thought we had made some progress because Zen didn't attack right away, but as soon and I turned the main light off in the room (we always have a night light in the room), it was like the hunger games. Zen chased him down and tackled him from the top of the cage and they dropped to the bottom in a ball. I had to separate them and split them up again. At this point, should I just leave Zen to be a single glider? Poor Loki keeps trying to socialize with him and groom him, but I'm really afraid that he is going to get hurt or even killed and I won't be able to intervene fast enough...any suggestions???
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/07/20 06:22 PM

You may unfortunately have a situation where they never get along. Some gliders just don't.

Okay you have tried tub time which didn't work. Have you tried any other out of cage time? Like tent time? If you have and that didn't work, then I would not force them anymore at this point.

Leave their cages close together but not so they can touch and continue to swatch pouches for another couple of weeks or more. Then try again.

I would give them at least one more chance.
Posted By: WhisperedSecret

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/07/20 06:58 PM

Unfortunately, we have tried multiple times to have them play together in different rooms at different times of the day and nothing seems to click. Zen will actually chase Loki out of his pouch and take over. Then when Loki ties to hide in the other pouch, Zen will run over and take that one...all outside of the cage in neutral territory. I'm going to order a second big cage so Loki is out of the small one, but I have read that, at least in most situations, having just one glider alone will ultimately lead to depression and death. Should I have to worry about this with Zen? Will having them side by side in separate cages be enough? Loki does like socializing with other gliders, so do I possibly need to find a companion for him? When we visit my sister's gliders, they get along fine with Loki. I'm sorry for all of the questions...I just really want everything done right.

Thank you all again for your help!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/07/20 07:37 PM

If you feel you have exhausted every effort, you know best they are not suited for each other.

A larger cage and a new mate for Loki sounds like a good plan. He would probably like have a girlfriend, but I certainly wouldn't try another male, neutered or not. You could possibly end up with the same situation again.
Posted By: WhisperedSecret

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/07/20 08:14 PM

Ok, good to know. Finding females in my area seems to be tough... but i can reach out to a few people and see if they can help. I will upgrade him while I look. Again, thank you for your help!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/07/20 10:37 PM

Seeing as you just got the one neutered. I would take a step back and just have them in cages where they can see each other but far enough away that they can't reach each other and give them at least 30 days like that.

After 30 days start pouch swapping for two weeks, then swap cages for two weeks. (alternating every other day on the swapping). Then try introductions in neutral territory again.

If all goes well deep clean the cage they are going to share and put at least two pouches in the cage.s

Keep us posted on your progress.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 07/09/20 08:19 AM

I agree with Karen and Feather. I currently have two singles and both want to be alpha. It hasn't been fun.

I'd give 30 days side by side.

Also try intro's in the morning instead of at night along with a completely clean cage. Use Dawn dish soap instead of wipes. Also be sure you are home with them for at least 48 hours to observe.

You may want to wash all fleece in white vinegar to make sure you're removing all their smells too.
Posted By: Tink

Re: Introducing New Glider...Help! - 04/09/21 12:10 AM

Hi, I have a similar situation although I haven’t given it as much time yet, as you have. Do you happen to have an update on the outcome? Was there a happy ending?

Thanks! smile
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