Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary?

Posted By: Domenico

Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary? - 12/17/20 12:54 AM


I have two sugar gliders that I’ve had for two years. I have decided to add two more to my colony, and they will be coming home sometime next week. With that said, I know that a lot of people seem to carry their gliders with them all the time; but my first two, Marci and Mable, have always hated bonding pouches. They never slept, and were uncomfortable. I decided to leave them alone, and we do have a nice relationship. I know we are bonded To me because they purr when I pet their sleeping pouch, and when they jump on me. They also just like to be around me when they are up, and they groom me (albeit aggressively). Lastly, they will purr if I’m not moving and I lay their sleeping pouch next to me or on my chest while they sleep- I just can’t move around.

I guess I’m envious of people who’s sugar gliders will sleep on them, and the people who’s gliders will sleep in their hands. Is it possible I did something wrong, or is it just the personality of the gliders I have? Is it possible my new pair will be different? Should I even try to train Marci, Mable, Marge, and Cletus to be “pouch tame.” I’ve ordered all kinds of bonding bags, and sweaters; but I always feel guilty because they don’t look comfortable and won’t sleep (at least not have a solid sleep).
Posted By: Feather

Re: Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary? - 12/17/20 02:50 PM

My gliders tend to sleep very hard when they are in their bonding pouch. It is like they know I will protect them.

It takes time to get them used to being zippered in. Try starting with them in the bonding pouch with the zipper open, sit and rub them like you do with the sleeping pouch.

Slowly progress to closing the zipper. Some just don't like the sound of the zipper.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary? - 12/17/20 05:13 PM

I agree with Feather. They do learn to tolerate the zipper over time. But mine still prefer it open.

We have a certain amount of trust, and you have to be able to pay attention to what they are doing in there. I've learned the less the bonding pouch hangs or swings with your daily movement the better.

I have a sissy pouch that literally straps on your body.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary? - 01/15/21 06:39 AM

As a general rule, mine hate zippers even after several years (literally going on 5 years). If I give them a chance to calm down while against me, they calm down & go back to sleep. I coerce my four out out of the pouch & then bribe them into the "bonding" pouch when I need to move them around. After a bunch of complaints & 10-ish minutes fighting the zipper, they settle down.
Posted By: Domenico

Re: Bonding Pouches- Are they necessary? - 01/20/21 03:39 AM

I notice Marci and Mable are fine as long as they are not moved from their sleeping pouch. I guess they hate being zippered in as well lol
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