Feeling frustrated

Posted By: Hydrus

Feeling frustrated - 02/05/21 01:33 AM

I have 2 female gliders. I got them when they were about a year old and have had them for almost 3 years. Here is my issue, they don't want to be touched or in any way be handled. I have had gliders in the past that had passed away from age and took many years before I decided to get them again. My old gliders were soooo friendly. They loved to be held and ride around in a pouch but these two will bite so hard that I bleed for several minutes and have sore fingers for days. I know every glider is different and I'll never get one that is like another but I just don't know what to do with these girls.

I have done tent time daily, normal bonding processes, and they are great in the tent. They will jump on me and run all over me. They come up and take treats from me and will sit on my hand but will never let me try to place them in a pouch and trimming their nails is beyond difficult and def a 2 person job.

While I have no issue continuing to just care for them and not interact with them, this situation is not ideal frown I guess I'm just frustrated today after taking another bad bite from Freya after I got too close to their sleeping pouch (she shot out of there like a little alien or something) and I question if I should rehome them to a place with a large colony... or what to do.
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Re: Feeling frustrated - 02/05/21 04:58 AM

A lot of gliders don't like to be held or even be in your hands. Have you read Bourbon's article on bonding? Here is a link to it. Building a relationship with your glider.

Hopefully Dawn will chime in, she is trying something new, a bonding glove. She knows more about it than I do.
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Re: Feeling frustrated - 02/06/21 12:59 AM

On, there is someone who sells bonding gloves. His store name is Glider King designs.

I was curious about these, and I made my own . It helps, but not a complete solution. I have been bitten through the glove. It's not so much for you protection, it's more for giving your glider some assurance that it's OK..

If you have lunging gliders, OE pouches (open environment) are best. They can see you coming. That's half the battle.

Gliders love deep dark pouches, however they can't see what's going on around them. They can bite or lunge n the pouch due to insecurities. Talking, singing, reading a book may help next to the cage may help too. Also when you approach the cage, come in to their room, let them know it's you.

Have you put blankies in their pouch with your scent on it so they can sleep with it?

I know you've had them for a bit, but sometimes you need to go back to square one. Have you tried some one on one with each glider? I figured out that bonding with one helped with the second one eventually (she never had a close bond), but the have have a tendency to see you interact with one and know you are OK.

Flinching doesn't help. But it's hard not to. You will need to teach them to unlearn some of their biting habits.

Sorry, I tend to ramble, please let me know if I'm going in too many (or wrong ) directions, or if you need more explanation.
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Re: Feeling frustrated - 02/08/21 11:28 PM

Thank you for the advice smile The girls knew I was there before they popped out and bit me (only one does that). I talk to them before open the cage and they know my voice well because they usually poke their little heads out for treats. Their cage is in my bedroom which is where I spend 90% of my time as my computer and work-from-home set up is in there. I have roommates so its really my only option anyway. I did put scented blankies with them when I first got them (for maybe the first month or so, but stopped doing that a long time ago. Perhaps I should just start over from square one. Pretend like I just got them and see where we go from there.

Its just the strangest thing to me. They lick honey off my fingers, love to crawl all over me in the tent and fun things like that. But going into a carry pouch is absolutely a no go. And of course that was what I was looking most forward too, like I used to do with my other girls. I think in addition to just starting over with them, perhaps starting with one at a time is the way to go as well smile

I'm going to take a look thru the other threads about over grooming because I see they have overgroomed bald spots over their eyes frown If its not one thing its another, right?!

Thanks again!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Feeling frustrated - 02/10/21 05:28 PM

I've learned there is a point of over grooming and nervous habit. Is it bald, or just a mark or crease?

Do you have other pets in the home?
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