It's a perfect match!!!

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It's a perfect match!!! - 03/08/21 03:24 AM

So, long story here...

Short story here:

Stewie's last cagemate Dot passed away and we were gifted with a new cagemate for him. Her name is Gracie and we got her the weekend after Thanksgiving. She was a Joey and Stewie's a big 2.5 year old, so we wanted to wait till Gracie got a bit older and a bit bigger. It been months and she now weighs 75gr to Stewie's 165gr.

They have been in separate cages all this time side by side. You will have to read the long story in order to get all the details.

But as of tonight, they've been inseparable for 5 days!!! Stewie has calmed down and found his patients. Not an easy task for him for sure. And Grace has gone through her second heat cycle and has calmed down enough as well... The last few days before we let them be together, there was a lot of chatter and clicking between the two cages. We knew it was time. Since they were close enough to smell each other, there wasn't a whole lot of sniffing, no climbing on each other's backs, no grabbing.

We tried two months ago with intros, and all they did was ball up. I will say my only complaint has been their marking smells... When each got out of cage play while the other was sleeping either on me or in the travel cage in another room, they were like hound dogs tracking each other's scent and trying to mark over them.

I'm happy to be down to one cage, with a very happy and content couple. Stewie's neutered which helps with the smell, but gliders are territorial and until they both realized that each of them were the only gliders in their world, they are getting along great so far! :yes:

It was definitely worth the wait. It hasn't been fun traveling with two cages and all that goes with it. Lol!
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Re: It's a perfect match!!! - 03/08/21 02:33 PM

clap dance That is wonderful news, Dawn. Your time and patience with these two has definitely paid off not to mention Stewie's maturity wink

I'd say it's definitely party time for the entire household
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Re: It's a perfect match!!! - 03/09/21 04:07 AM

I knew they would both see it my way sooner or later! :yes:
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Re: It's a perfect match!!! - 03/09/21 09:12 AM

Originally Posted by Feather
I knew they would both see it my way sooner or later! :yes:

You were right!!! smile
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Re: It's a perfect match!!! - 03/31/21 01:11 PM


Stewie has done a great job with Grace... She's learned some glider manners, but has kept her spirit through the whole process.

She still stays awake longer, runs on her wheel gets both wheels and treadmill going all at the same time. She sits on the outside of her wheel, like a dog sits, hangs on and takes about 3-4 spins and jumps. I think she's as hyper as Stewie was at her age and has trouble settling down for the day. She seems to have limitless energy. But now she's usually in bed for the day no later than 10am. It took Stewie some time to adjust her fidgeting, and coming to bed late. I'm changing them back to regular pouches today to see if that helps for awhile. Also to train her to go to a pouch when asked.

They are able to eat side by side out of the same dish. Grace wants to steal what Stewie has sometimes, but he knows the look and places his paw over her face and pushes her away. Sometimes he lets her have his food as well. I still offer 2 separate dishes, but they prefer to eat together.

They have played together, although Stewie grows tired of her adolescent behavior sometimes. They can't share a wheel, so they sit and watch and take turns even though there are two wheels in their cage.

Over the last month or so, Stewie has calmed down a lot and seems content with his new rambunctious little cage mate. He is happy again smile
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Re: It's a perfect match!!! - 03/31/21 01:37 PM

That is such wonderful news, Dawn. Just warms my heart Isn't it so sweet to watch them.
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