Cat question...

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Cat question... - 04/07/18 08:31 PM

Well,since we have been home, we have had a ferrel cat hanging around. We live in the country, so it happens...

Anyway, I noticed it was real fat about 2 weeks ago, and hubby just came in and told me he might have ran over a kitten(or it was dead, he wasn't sure). He was backing the ATV out of the barn.

So, here's my question: If I can catch her, can I get her spayed while she's nursing? I figure the kittens(if they survive), can be done at 4months? I will be looking for a new home for them, but in the mean time...

Now that we know we have a new family cohabitating with us, we will be more careful about watching for them.

I'm not a cat person, but I don't hate them. I just want them gone...
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cat question... - 04/07/18 09:56 PM

I would wait a few weeks till the kittens are old enough to eat on their own, put food in the barn.

She shouldn't get pregnant while she is nursing.

You can contact your local animal control and see if they have a trap,spay/neuter, nip ear and release program. Then you can get the kittens done and have some nice mousers in your barn.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Cat question... - 04/08/18 03:36 AM

Thanks Kim! I will check on spay neuter discounts in our area.
Posted By: Hydrus

Re: Cat question... - 04/09/18 09:05 PM

The vet I worked for would only do it if it was medically necessary (potentially life threatening) but she charged a whole lot more then the average spay.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cat question... - 04/09/18 10:47 PM

Around here they charge $10.00 for the Spay/Neuter, knick the ear and release.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Cat question... - 04/10/18 01:57 AM

Well, she's moved. But we are watching for her. In the meantime, I will check in to what they do to help around here.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Cat question... - 04/11/18 10:08 AM

Bad news. We found the kittens in the barn yesterday, but they had died. Apparently, they had been there for awhile. We haven't seen momma either. But if/when I do, she is getting fixed. It's always sad, but we are relieved at the same time.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Cat question... - 04/11/18 01:59 PM

So sorry about the kittens. There must have been some reason she abandoned them.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cat question... - 04/11/18 10:05 PM

Sorry about the kittens. frown
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Cat question... - 04/12/18 02:52 AM

Thank you Feather.... Me too.
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