reptarium questions????

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reptarium questions???? - 05/01/11 07:49 PM

When did the reptariums start using different material and is it unsafe?

Who figured this out, that they were using something different on the mesh?

Are there any links talking about this? Thanks

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Also where is everyone buying their reptariums from?

Posted By: KarenE

Re: reptarium questions???? - 05/01/11 08:41 PM

I have used repts for years, but honestly do not know the answer to when they switched material on the screens. I do know there is a difference, but I don't have chewers so the new ones have not been a problem to me.

I have always purchased mine (with the exception of one replacement screen) from LLL Reptile. I'm one of those people who like to have extra screens so I can just put a clean one on the frame rather than having to wait for the dirty one to wash.

Their service is unbeatable in my book as well as their prices.
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Re: reptarium questions???? - 05/02/11 12:22 AM

Thanks Karen for helping me out. smile

I did find this post which helps answer my question too:

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Re: reptarium questions???? - 05/02/11 12:56 AM

I do remember that thread now. In all the replacement screens I have ordered from my source, I have never received a single one with a hole in it, a zipper that did not work or it would not fit the frame. The one replacement screen I did order from another source did not fit the 260 frame no matter what I did, it was a little more expensive and took forever to get. I don't believe that person is selling them anymore.

I may have to trim a few threads along the zipper, but I have always had to do that.
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Re: reptarium questions???? - 05/02/11 02:32 AM

NGS, I ordered a new screen from LLL Reptile for a 260 and while the fit was fine, it was still the new material that runs and is not safe. I was informed at that time, Apogee had changed their manufacturing process and that there was no way to get the "old" kind of screen. I would bet that almost any source at this point in time has either run through their old inventory or else would have no idea what the difference is.

If you want the same-style cage, you can order a Glide-arium screen from GliderNursery (Shelley). She makes them in the same dimensions repts. were sold as, and the material is MUCH better. Very durable, no caught nails, no runs.
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