Hanging food/water in Reptarium

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Hanging food/water in Reptarium - 11/17/08 01:39 PM

I know, there's probably this exact post somewhere, but I couldn't find it. So, how do you hang your food and water in a reptarium. And what do you do about waste on the bottom of the rept?
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Re: Hanging food/water in Reptarium - 11/17/08 02:42 PM

In my rept I made pole covers out of fleece with loops and then I hang a ferret litter box in one corner by chain and C clips and place their food dishes in that. The litter box has high sides and helps a little with catching the food. For the water bottles, I just made fleece holders that hang by the C clips from the loops.

I place a flour sack towel on the bottoms of my cages , change them every other day and use a cordless hand vac to clean the food particles every time I change the towels. I also have a piece of plastic under the cages so the floor doesn't get soiled.

Hope that helps! smile
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Re: Hanging food/water in Reptarium - 11/17/08 02:53 PM

you can use a glider kitchen for food. I personally use fleece at the bottom of my cage and use a dish that has the separation on it. I just vacuum and shake out the fleece as needed. The litter box is really a great idea.

Suz has a few glider kitchens or you can use like a cake storage container or something like that with a whole for them to go into it. You have to cut it out and sand down the sides to keep from any rough parts.
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Re: Hanging food/water in Reptarium - 11/17/08 03:40 PM

Here's the food situation in my rept:
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