How to: Water Bottle Holder

Posted By: GliderNursery

How to: Water Bottle Holder - 01/06/12 10:45 PM

The following instructions are for making a fringed fleece water bottle holder for a Glide-arium. (Please ignore the crooked seams! This was a rush job. blush )

Cut (2) 7"x9" pieces of fleece, and (2) 1"x2 1/2" tabs

Place the tabs in between the two layers

Pin the tabs in place before starting to sew

Sew one continuous seam (using tight stitching) on the right, bottom, and left leaving a couple of inches for the fringe.

Make sure you securely sewed the tabs in place

Cut the corners from the bottom left and right

Cut the fringe

Cut a small slit near the bottom center for the water bottle nozzle to stick through

Insert hooks

Finished water bottle holder
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: How to: Water Bottle Holder - 01/07/12 03:59 PM

Great instructions Shelly! I can't sew but I think even I could make this! Pictures help soooo much!
Posted By: Meg_n_Von

Re: How to: Water Bottle Holder - 01/07/12 09:21 PM

Awesome! clap
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