help injured momma

Posted By: royb

help injured momma - 11/13/16 04:29 PM

i have a female she has a joey about 8 days oop, yesterday she got out of her cage and got to another cage with 2 gliders in it as she was climbing the cage one of them apparently bit her foot, yesterday she seemed ok just a bite i thought, this morning i get up and she is in the cage eating and i notice she is dragging her foot it was the back right foot, tomorrow we are going to the vet, i called the er vet here and they said i would be better off to see my regular vet....anyway she doesnt seem to be spending time with the joey i checked him out and i dont see a milk band, should i take him and start hand feeding or just keep a watch on her? i have hand fed before so i have experience on that part, im just worried that she maybe rejecting him because she is injured
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Re: help injured momma - 11/13/16 04:47 PM

I would leave him with her for the warmth and cleaning, but you can supplement him.

As long as she isn't biting his face he isn't rejected.

How many sleeping places are in the cage? We recommend only one sleeping place in the pouch so the family can't move to another pouch and leave the joey.

Watch the joey for dehydration, is Daddy still with them, he helps care for the joeys and will keep the little one warm and clean.

Please keep us posted on your momma glider and the joey.

I am moving this post to Health & Hygiene so that it gets more exposure.
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Re: help injured momma - 11/13/16 04:49 PM

yes daddy is with them and theres one pouch, she went back with them she came out for a snack i guess and i got worried thank you
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Re: help injured momma - 11/13/16 06:54 PM

You are welcome! Please keep us posted on Momma's foot
Posted By: royb

Re: help injured momma - 11/13/16 08:52 PM

i will for now i made the cage easier for her to get around
Posted By: Chloe

Re: help injured momma - 11/14/16 08:59 AM

For a second there I thought I had made this post since we went through something extremely similar back in September. The joey was 3 weeks oop and momma got her foot stuck on a string (they chew every pouch I get them, strings everywhere). She seemed ok at first but there was some swelling and we gave her an anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, and she started chewing... Flash forward about a week and it had snowballed so fast. Our vet tried everything from creams, to injections, even a little cone (didn't work, she almost choked herself to death trying to get it off). But in the end, nothing worked. we had to amputate. All I can say is, it might be nothing, but if you're wrong it may turn out very very bad. Be sure to have the vet take extra care.

As for the baby, she was bottle fed due to the pain meds mommy was getting and she grew up big and strong and is one of the most energetic gliders I've ever seen. We used suz's sugar glider formula/supplements.
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Re: help injured momma - 11/14/16 03:10 PM

i took her to the vet this morning, apparently when the glider bit her through the bars of the cage she jerked and broke her foot, he put a little splint on itand a make shift e coller she is not happy, the thing that bothers me is she has a baby right now and with the collar on she is refusing to go into the pouch with the baby so for now i am supplement feeding him, the vet said she would probably never gain use of that foot again
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Re: help injured momma - 11/15/16 07:52 PM

Was she chewing on her foot that he put an e-collar on her?

How old is the joey?
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Re: help injured momma - 11/15/16 10:53 PM

yes but now she has stopped from what i can tell he gave me an ointment to put on it, the joey is 10days oop
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Re: help injured momma - 11/16/16 12:55 AM

Daddy will help keep the joey clean, is he still with them?
Posted By: royb

Re: help injured momma - 11/16/16 02:01 PM

yes daddy is still with them
Posted By: Feather

Re: help injured momma - 11/16/16 11:37 PM

He will help her keep the joey clean and warm. Please keep us posted on her progress.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: help injured momma - 11/17/16 04:16 PM

Sadly this sweet momma passed away. Please post your condolences in Rainbow Memorials.
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