How to give oral meds?

Posted By: sugarfluff

How to give oral meds? - 12/19/16 10:42 PM

So my Smores got some amoxicillin to treat a wound on her neck. I am supposed to give her .05ml twice daily. How do I do this? She won't drink it from a dropper, not dripped on a green bean to lick or mixed in a tad of applesauce. Any other suggestions?

Vet recommended the .1ml daily and said splitting the dose would be best. I have yet to get her to take a dose today. My last hope would be to mix the whole dose in her Critterlove at night, she has been eating it all so that may work, but I was hoping to get a dose in her before then.

Suggestions please...
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Re: How to give oral meds? - 12/20/16 11:51 AM

You will need to wrap her up in a pouch or burrito wrap her in a piece of fleece. Hold her with your finger over her head and your thumb under her chin.

Then put the tip of the syringe into the side of her mouth, behind her front teeth and push the plunger while aiming at the opposite side of her mouth towards the back.
Posted By: sugarfluff

Re: How to give oral meds? - 12/20/16 02:10 PM

Thank you. I ended up putting it into her critterlove and she ate all of it. I will try the burrito method today. Thank you for the tip.
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