Antibiotics and poop changes

Posted By: sugarfluff

Antibiotics and poop changes - 12/25/16 01:25 AM

My Smores has been on antibiotics since Monday. I've noticed the last couple nights shes leaving behind some various stages of poop. Some appear to be normal pellets while others are very soft and even a bit diarrhea too. Should I be worried? Shes getting amoxicillin for her injury, I'm assuming this poop change is due to the meds, although a week or so before she got hurt we switched from the BML to the Critterlove diet which she seemed to do fine with. Shes eating pretty well, finishes all her staple but leaves a bit of the salad. Is this poop normal for a glider on meds and is there anything else I should be doing to regulate her poop? The vet said to have her take the meds for 10-14 days so we still have a week or so to go. Her wound has healed up considerably, should we continue giving them to her for the duration?

Hope all you suggie lovers are enjoying. Your holiday weekend :santa:
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 12/25/16 02:15 AM

Yes, keep giving the antibiotics for the prescribed duration.

You can give yogurt, just make sure it doesn't have artificial sweeteners.

I use Original Yoplait.
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 12/25/16 03:22 AM

Thanks Kim.

How much yogurt should be given to her and about how long does it take to start helping normalize her poop?
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 12/25/16 03:47 PM

I give them a tablespoon per glider when I offer it. Sometimes they eat it all sometimes they don't.
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 12/25/16 07:59 PM

Great. I will give her that today.

Thank you again for your advice and Merry Christmas!
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 01/02/17 05:24 AM

My glider is on antibiotics as well and they gave Benebac, which is a probiotic to help keep the digestive system balanced. Also don't stop giving meds, especially antibiotics, until the directions say so or until the prescriber says to. The last thing you'd want is for an infection to come back or build an immunity. Hope your baby heals and gets better!!
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 01/02/17 08:41 PM

Update: Smores is getting much better. Her wound swelling went down after a day on antibiotics. It's been 2 weeks today since her vet appointment and I'm happy to say her wound is closed and healed. Her fur is starting to grow back, it's about 1/8" long now. We just stopped meds on Saturday (vet said 10-14 days) she had it for 12.

Her poop stayed inconsistent the whole time... some solid, some runny and every thickness in between. She didnt like any yogurt we gave her (except yoggies of course) that may have helped but we just couldn't get her eat it,so we focused more on getting her to take her meds. I'm hoping since were done with meds, she will be more regular poopwise now.

I think her spirit is back up and shes missing her home cage. She's fast and all over the smaller cage she has now. I'm hoping that maybe next weekend we can put her back in her home with Falcore and things will be back to normal. They miss each other. We have let them have shared supervised and open pouch time each day which they seemed to enjoy. Falcore never tried to groom near her neck and he loved having her groom him for a bit each day too. Afterwards they'd curl up and go to sleep for a bit.

Smores is our least bonded glider so it was sometimes a challange but over all I think we all survived this well.

So like I said, her fur is about an 1/8" long now. Does it have to be fully grown in and as long as the rest before I place her back with him? Right now it's not very noticeable unless your running through her fur looking carefully for it. Sould we wait longer than another week?

Experienced opinions/suggestions are appreciated and welcomed as always.
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Re: Antibiotics and poop changes - 01/02/17 09:16 PM

I would wait another week.
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