Automatic Nail Trimmer?

Posted By: suggietakeover

Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/27/16 10:51 AM

I do not support pocketpets and how they cage their animals and give false info. But I did see that they sell Glide-R-Groomer Automatic Nail Trimmers...Is that dangerous? Does it work? Has anyone found any specific tools to have to make nail trimming easier?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/27/16 05:05 PM

There are a couple of wheels that can use the sandpaper to help with keeping the nails dull. You do need to be vigilant and make sure their little pads do not become irritated and the sandpaper is put on correctly.

Truthfully, there is no substitution for clipping the ends.

A clipper with a slanted cut is good. Many people use children's/infant nail clippers.

Posted By: suggietakeover

Re: Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/27/16 09:57 PM

Okay Thank you...Hopefully they will stand still for their first trimming.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/27/16 10:39 PM

Yeah good luck with that! Lol!
Posted By: the gliders angel

Re: Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/28/16 06:58 AM

I use a nail file while they sleep in the day
Posted By: Feather

Re: Automatic Nail Trimmer? - 12/28/16 08:10 PM

This is what I use, the bird claw scissors:
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