Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate.

Posted By: Mekenzie

Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 01:02 AM

One of my gliders, Zoe, apparently had an issue with SM in the past with previous owners. The first month we had her, she was fine. Come the next month, I noticed once day she had (with the help of her cagemate) chewed her tail down to the tendon. We immediately rushed her to the vet, and got an ecollar put on. We were given antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and a topical to keep the wound moist.
We kept her separated from her cagemate for the 2 weeks of antibiotics, and the tail started to look better, at least not as bad as before. Her cagemate however was stressing out from their sudden separation, and at this time we didn't know he was contributing to wounding her. So, we put her back in with him with her ecollar still on. A few days later, I noticed the wound was reopened and aggravated, so I immediately removed her from the cage again, placing her in a separate one.

Everything seemed to be going fine, she wasn't touching the tail whenever I checked in on her and she wasn't making the "noise" I've heard about (she never has). Yesterday, I was checking out her tail as she was waking up and come to find it's been chewed to the tendon on the top now.

Now, my home has recently fallen on hard times, we can't afford rent, or to feed ourselves. Her tail naturally healing was our only shot, and we can't afford the vet visit to have it amputated. I emailed one of the one rescues within a hundred miles of me, and they told me that she was likely going to die, amputation or not and to just let it happen. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to make her stop chewing, and I don't know how to make her cagemate stop overgrooming her. There's been no drastic changes besides the move into our household. The diet (TPG) and cage set up are exactly the same, with interactions with them every night.

I know SM is a sign of extreme anxiety and depression in a glider, but I don't know what that cause could be. I'm at a loss of what to do in this situation.

If any of you know a shelter in Virginia area, or even Maryland or North Carolina, please, let me know. I can't just let her die but I can't afford to have her treated. I don't know what I can do to make her more comfortable and less likely to chew in the mean time.
Please, if you have ANY advice, let me know.
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Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 01:45 AM

I am sorry your having problems with your glider SMing her tail.

Have you tried applying for Care Credit?

I have asked a friend if he knows of someone that can help you.

I have found that it is best to just go ahead and amputate the tail, than to try and save it.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 01:52 AM

Mekenzie please call me, my phone number is in my profile.

A friend of mine said to look up Chadwell Animal Hospital in Maryland near Baltimore. He says they have a charity fund if your willing to travel.

If you want to relinquish her he also may know of someone that is a wild life rehab person that also has gliders.

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Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 02:15 AM

this is of the bottom of her tail

and this is of the top

I think I added these in right?
Posted By: Terry

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 02:30 AM

I'm so sorry to hear of your sad situation. I hope you can take Kimberly up on her friend's help with your glider(s).

I can imagine what you're going through, I've been through very hard financial times myself and have able to find a way to keep my pets when I once was afraid I'd have to relinquish them all. It's not the living situation I have hoped for, but thanks to family my pets and I have a place to call home. I hope and pray that you can find a safe place to call "home" soon as well, and also for your gliders.

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 02:31 AM

Thank you for posting pics.

Prayers for you little girl.

Please keep us posted.
Posted By: mechnut450

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 03:09 AM

Mekenzie I am the one Feather was referring too. I use Chadwell animal hospital for all my gliders needs, I am actually going there Tuesday morning to have a glider neutered.

If you think it might be best to giver up Zoe, I also know the rehabbed personally and she has a vet she works with in Lower De that sees her animals and I use to use him got my snakes when I lived down there. I would also personally talk to her if you decide that route, I agree with Feather removal of the effected area will be the best bet for the glider as she will just keep at it until it dies off. I shall PM you my cell so can also contact me .
Posted By: Mekenzie

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 03:26 AM

I'm speaking to various people on facebook pages right now who've had experience with SM and treating it. Things are looking a lot better, and I'm a lot more stressed out now that I have people helping me. After the original rescue I talked to told me to just "let her pass" I panicked and all of your guys' help has calmed me down immensely and given me hope for her making it through this.
Posted By: mechnut450

Re: Sugar Glider SM/Overgrooming by cagemate. - 09/16/17 01:00 PM

Yeah it can be scary and nerve racking if you new to any pet and get sudden care issue pops up. Oh all the little things I had questions about and such when I went from 1glider to 5 in a single day lol Plus then my little Vino having seizures when he was dropped of to me and then started them in a week, If not for Bourbon( person not drink and I could of used a few shots of the drink) I might of gotten out of gliders cause it scared the crap out of me and half the taco bell staff that day in drive though.
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