Posted By: Stef333

Mycoplasma - 02/21/18 12:40 AM

My boy Yoda has frequently sneezed and sniffled since he was about 10 weeks OOP. The vet he saw as a joey said that it wasn't anything to worry about unless there was mucus involved, and there was not.

In the last week or so I started noticing some mucus around his right eye when he woke from sleeping, and sometimes his sniffles/sneezes sounded a little bit labored, so I emailed our vet back home in WA. She agreed that he needed to see a vet sooner than later, so we went to a new vet in Phoenix today.

First I have to say that Yoda was so good! He didn't crab once, he didn't bite anybody, and he was generally cooperative with the exam. All he really wanted was to go back into my shirt, but he wasn't too squirmy for the vet or the tech to easily do their jobs.

The vet, Darius Stark at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, was awesome. He was very experienced with gliders, and handled Yoda like a pro. The doctor confirmed mucus in one eye and Yoda's nose, and explained that chronic sneezing/respiratory issues are common symptoms of mycoplasma - a bacterial infection.

So now Yoda is loaded up with three different oral meds (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory) along with drops for his eyes and nose. The poor medicated baby went to sleep hard after we left the vet's office. (I had to poke him just to make sure he was still breathing.)

I don't know if this will "cure" the sniffly-ness that is so much a part of Yoda's character, or if he'll just have healthier sinuses. Either way, I just hope that he feels better soon!

Posted By: Terry

Re: Mycoplasma - 02/21/18 01:35 AM

Hoping he feels better soon too! I'm so glad you found an experienced vet that you're comfortable with.

Please keep us posted on little Yoda.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Mycoplasma - 02/21/18 05:21 PM

Get well soon, Yoda. May the meds be with you!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Mycoplasma - 02/22/18 05:00 PM

Dear Yoda,

You have a good mommy! Dot and I haven't seen our mommy in three days. Dad says she's sick. We had lots of company over the weekend. And now Mom is sick. Hope she gets better soon, as we are only getting treats and head scratches from Dad.

Dot and I hope you feel better soon too!!

YF, Fiona
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