Sugar Glider Cat Scratch

Posted By: Shalena

Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/01/18 01:55 PM

Hi, Iím new and trying for answers. Iím currently in the process of talking to a vet for my 1 yo sugar glider who this morning my cat got out. Keep in mind i do seperate 1 of my more ďwildĒ cat at night as I cannot keep an eye out for her. Well this morning my mom accidentally let her out and she went strat for my girlsí cage. She was propper ip on her hind legs leaning on the cage. And one of my girls came to he bottom of the cage and my cat ended up scartching her left front paw. I quickly put the cat away and tended to my suggie. Her sister was by her side, well the one that got scratched began licking the scratch mark. Itís been an hour since this altercation and she is still acting Ďnormalí in the sense of eating treats. But would preferably be left alone to tend to her wounds. Still trying on the vet had to call an out of town vet as iím unsure if vets in my town work on suggies. If I could get some of your guysí input that would be helpful.

Thank you.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/01/18 03:00 PM

Depending on how deep the scratch is it may be possible for any vet to check the wound and clean it.

You do not list your location, so here is our full list by state in our database. We also have a list of vets who will do consults with other vets by phone when needed here.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/02/18 11:00 PM

I would say that your little glider needs to be put on antibiotics. Any kind of a scratch from a cat can be fatal to a small animal.

Karen has given you the vets list and the vets list for the vets that will do consults.

Please keep us posted on your little one.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/03/18 10:58 AM

I agree with both Feather and Karen.

Gliders hide illness very well. Its part of their natural instinct. You don't want your little one to get an infection that may go untreated too long.

Please keep us posted. smile
Posted By: Shalena

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/07/18 06:24 PM

Update: Itís been a week, since this incident I took her to the vet and got her antibiotics. Although the vet said the side effects could include diarrhea. In that week it has not looked inflammed, she eating and drinking normally. The other day she was running on her wheel for a bit and for now she prefers remaining in the pouch but will come out to eat or drink and take a run around the cage or if she hears the treat bag being opened. Her wound is now scabbing over. I check on her frequently and will still do so until itís completelt healed! Thank you all for the replies!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/07/18 10:30 PM

Glad to hear she is doing well. Hope she is none the worse for wear.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/07/18 11:34 PM


Thank you for the update!!!

Sounds like she/he( I already forgot! Lol) is on the road to recovery!!!!! I get excited over good news BTW, and forget details sometimes!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar Glider Cat Scratch - 05/08/18 02:02 PM

Good update. Taking to the vet probably saved her from a bad infection. Love getting these kind of updates clap
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