Broken/Strained leg??

Posted By: Freckles0301

Broken/Strained leg?? - 07/18/18 04:43 AM

Tonight I found my sugarbaby stuck on a hammock that was on their cage, he was hanging upside down but all of his arms were caught in it and I'm not sure for how long because I work long hours during the day/night. I got him untangled and now he seems to be favoring his back leg, when hes eating he isnt sitting up but more laying down to eat and is walking crooked from not using his back leg too much. Could it be possible that it's just weak from being tangled? Hes not crying out when i touch it or move it. I'm not sure what to do and or who to take him to if he needs vet attention.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Broken/Strained leg?? - 07/18/18 10:46 AM

Please let him to a vet asap.

Keep him in a pouch and quiet as possible. Give him some fruits so he stays hydrated.

Click on blue word vet and it will take you to a database and look up your state and town.

Please keep us posted on his condition.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Broken/Strained leg?? - 07/18/18 12:27 PM

Dawn is right, get him to a vet. He probably probably is dehydrated.

I am moving this to Health & Hygiene.

Please keep us posted on your little one.
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