anyone familiar with bloodwork and/or cancer?

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anyone familiar with bloodwork and/or cancer? - 09/02/18 05:07 AM

Hi, i have had some issues with my gliders for the past 8 months. Its such a long story to get into...i have visited with many vets and have recieved mixed opinions/diagnoses. I will continue to visit with many more vets but i am just curious if anyone is experienced or educated and could tell me what they think of the high levels in his bloodwork...
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Re: anyone familiar with bloodwork? - 09/02/18 05:56 AM

Hi Skylar,

I haven't had any experience with blood work, but there are a few who have.

You can post the results, and although we are few in numbers there may be someone who has experienced this. There are a few experienced vet's who will consult with your vet listed here, I can't seem to find the list, but I use this veterinarian:

I hope this helps.
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Re: anyone familiar with bloodwork? - 09/02/18 06:45 AM

I dont think they will consult but i will surely try...maybe even anyone that has experience with cancer and can relate to my bloodwork. Or lymphosarcoma. one glider died in dec, vet felt lump in abdomen, determined cancer. They could have been wrong as they did not believe my next glider was even sick...did not run tests. i never had one get sick before so i believed them when they said bloodwork couldnt be done...obviously i am educated now...6 months later they were telling me i needed to see someone else and she was a day away from death. Vet felt lump in abdomen. Necropsy determined lymphosarcoma..leukemia could not be ruled out. My 1 yr old is now sick 8 months from that vet said bloodwork levels were likely due to hemolysis. Another said likely cancer, infection/inflammation, then liver issues due to diet. I will visit with many more vets...but another cancer? Even just that word being thrown around? I have done research after research. Exhausting myself with possibilities/theories...i rent but intend on having my home tested for mold/ could 3 gliders from 3 different backgrounds and ages have cancer? Vets dont seem to know much, help much, sometimes not even care much...
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Re: anyone familiar with bloodwork? - 09/02/18 06:51 AM

Ive gone back and forth to vets since december...with every new symptom. Every new question. I email them every day honestly. I want help....and i cant give up...i may have it figured out if it is something in my home...i could be wrong...but how is this possible?? My boy drools while active or stressed. No lumps yet. His patagium seems as if its losing fur. Its odd. Could be due to drool. But i thought i noticed this on my girl before she passed as well....he bites excessively..not as active..but not losing weight. Ive read with lymphosarcoma...elevated lymphocytes are found in bloodwork if ferrets have this cancer. And this cancer affects thin skin such as armpits..that would make sense...ive also read a virus or infection could cause this cancer...i wonder if mold could too...
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Re: anyone familiar with bloodwork? - 09/02/18 12:02 PM

Wow, I am so very sorry for your losses and what your going through.

Take the list of vets who consult, but also ask your vet if they are willing to become a member of the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians.

While everyone thinks this is a pocket pets sites, it isn't. It is a good place for your vet to go. There are lots of vets that contribute what they have found in our sugar glider. Your vet may find answers there.

Please keep us posted on your gliders prognosis.
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Re: anyone familiar with bloodwork? - 09/03/18 01:14 AM

Thank you. I will do all of that. I am still getting my timeline, diagnosis, vet quotes, bills, symptoms, possibilities, theories..organized and together...for easier access...i am so lost...i have 2 more appts this week...and will keep going to new far they have all given up on me...
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