Loss of teeth

Posted By: Anastasia

Loss of teeth - 09/10/18 05:58 PM

Hello! Possum got sick, came to the doctor, it turned out that the teeth are inflamed and at the doctor's reception began to pour during the examination. The vet said that possums don't bring the first time with this problem, and you need to delete the other wobbly teeth, but it can result in further fracture of the jaw and lulling ((( prompt who faced with such, is it really all that terrible?? I'm from Russia, sorry for mistakes
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/10/18 07:53 PM

Hi Anastasia. This is going to be a difficult one for us to assist you with, given that you are in Russia. That said...I think it's important that your vet take x-rays first, to see what is going on with the teeth. You say "wobbly". Can I assume that you mean loose? If the teeth are loose, then yes, they will likely need to be removed. Your vet IS correct, that a surgery like this CAN result in a fracture of the jaw, that is always a risk. I would discuss this with your vet and find out if they have done this type of surgery before.

I would also discuss the use of an antibiotic & anti-inflammatory medication if your glider presents with any infections of the mouth and/or jaw.
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Re: Loss of teeth - 09/10/18 10:10 PM

Hi Anastasia,

Here is a link to the list of veterinarians that will consult with other vets on sugar gliders. Veterinarians who consult with other vets.

Maybe your vet would consult with one of them before removing the teeth.
Posted By: Anastasia

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/11/18 05:27 AM

Yes, now give antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication, then then do rengthen and see which teeth to remove. Unfortunately it's the only option. But the doctor says entirely a bad outcome is not a promotion , maybe everything will be okay. She no longer has two lower incisors and some other teeth (
Posted By: Feather

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/11/18 10:14 PM

There are a lot of sugar gliders that have had to have their teeth pulled. Once their gums heal up they do really well.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/12/18 04:00 AM

Hi Anastasia,

Jaw bones in humans will break or split sometimes when too many teeth are pulled at one time. It heals quicker than you think.

Please keep us posted on how possum is feeling. smile
Posted By: Anastasia

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/12/18 05:28 AM

Thank you all! Now I drink the medicine and then to the doctor, lengthen. I hope all will be well
Posted By: Anastasia

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/16/18 05:47 PM

Hello ! She has osteomyelitis. The lower teeth are almost gone. We will continue to take the antibiotic
Posted By: Feather

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/17/18 10:58 PM

Awe! Poor baby. She is going to be on antibiotics for a while.
Posted By: Claralice

Re: Loss of teeth - 09/18/18 02:16 AM

Poor little one! Hope the infection gets under control soon!
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