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Stich - 10/15/18 08:35 AM

My sugar glider had a problem with his penis not going back in he was at a vet they say they put a stich in to keep it coming out further it's been a month now and is still out i don't have the finances to take him back it's r1500 again could someone please give me advice on what I can do I have been putting the ky on
Thank you
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Stich - 10/15/18 10:11 AM


I'm not experienced with males, but I will ask is he neutered?

Does it continually stay out, or will it go back in on it's own?

Is it pink and healthy, or has it turned color???

Please register so we can keep track of you and his progress. In the meantime I will contact an admin who has a rescue and is familiar with males.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Stich - 10/15/18 02:40 PM

I was just going to post everything Dawn has said above.

It is very important that you register as this will be moved today to our Health & Hygiene Forum where you will not be able to post unless you are registered.

Originally Posted By: Ladymagyver/Dawn
Is it pink and healthy, or has it turned color???

Dawn's question above is extremely important.

We would also like to know your location.
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