Sick sugar glider

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Sick sugar glider - 01/02/19 03:50 AM

Hi guys, I’m new to this site but wanted to know if I could get some help.
My sugar glider is 6 now and I have been away for college and my family has been watching over her while I’ve been gone.
She was doing well but I noticed her getting slower. I’ve been back home now for break for a couple weeks and noticed her back legs not working as well and in the past few days she hasn’t been able to walk much and move well.
She also has had trouble pooping and makes noises whenever she does, kind of hissing noises.
I’ve been feeding her more yogurt and apple juice to see if it helps but only started yesterday so it hasn’t done anything yet.
We’re calling the vet tomorrow but was wondering if , in the meantime, anyone had any advice.
Thank you so much.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sick sugar glider - 01/02/19 05:59 AM

Getting her to the vet ASAP is the best. Have her checked for a UTI, parasites and giardia. An x-ray would be good also to check for bone density to rule out HLP (metabolic bone disease).

Please register so you can utilize the whole forum and keep us posted on your little one.

Someone will be moving this Thread to Health & Hygiene in the morning.
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Re: Sick sugar glider - 01/02/19 02:09 PM

Feather's/Kim's advice is spot on, and I will be moving this thread to Health & Hygiene this morning, so please register so you can give us updates on your glider.

You mention you gave her more apple juice and yogurt which really won't do much for her symptoms but may help with dehydration.

What diet are you feeding her? This give us some indication of why she is having some problem with her movements.

Please let us know what the vet says.
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Re: Sick sugar glider - 01/02/19 10:34 PM

Please take a few moments to register as I am now moving this to our Health & Hygiene Forum.
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Re: Sick sugar glider - 01/07/19 03:11 PM

Did you get a chance to register? Any update on the sweet glider?
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