Not Eating, Drinking a lot, Soft Stool

Posted By: AubreyDenise

Not Eating, Drinking a lot, Soft Stool - 02/14/19 02:19 PM

Hi there, I was just on the phone with two vets and neither are taking appointments, I will be calling back in the afternoon to try again. But hoping to get some insight.

Lulu is a lone glider - her mate passed away in Dec. from heart failure and related issues with her lungs. And she has not been integrated into the other cage yet. Anyway, she has been holding up very well, active all night, eating a lot, social with the humans.

About three nights ago she started eating less and less and she was less and less active along with drinking a lot more water.

Last night she did not leave her pouch without me getting her out and even then she just stood around. She did not eat anything the entire night including treats and around 3:00 am I noticed extremely runny stool (no hissing). This morning I got her out before work and her stool was soft but better formed and she urinated as well. She is not lethargic and still jumping and such.

The only difference in routine is that we have been about a week without serving HPW because we are between batches (will start serving again tonight) and we purchased lychees from the store for the first time.

Any insight I can take to the vet when I finally get an appointment or other advice to help?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Not Eating, Drinking a lot, Soft Stool - 02/14/19 02:58 PM

It could be the change in diet, however, I would continue to try/beg for that vet appointment to make sure there is nothing going on with her.

Explain about her stools and you are very concerned.
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