Posted By: Shalena

Manganese - 03/28/19 03:38 AM

So I found out today that my city has been put on advisory for tap water because it contains eight times more manganese then recommended for infants and 2.5 times what adults should take. Like many do I use the tap to wash my Sugar Gliders dishes and food and they say it's okay to wash fruits, veggies and dishes as long as you let them dry. But my concern is that sugar gliders are much smaller and delicate than we are. I have never used tap water as drinking water for any of my animals in the years I've had them and instead opted for purified water from the store. Should I be worried about cleaning my suggies dishes now or continue about regularly?
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Manganese - 03/28/19 03:44 AM

Ok, as far as washing, let dishes air dry. Manganese will evaporate.

If it we're me, to be safe, I would wash f/v in tap water and I would do a quick rinse in bottled water since not all liquid will dry.
Posted By: Shalena

Re: Manganese - 03/28/19 04:00 AM

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will for sure rinse with bottled water afterwards.
Posted By: Paani

Re: Manganese - 03/31/19 03:17 PM

Manganese is a mineral so it shouldn't evaporate (although the water solution containing it will). What minute trace amounts remain should probably be an invisible dust on the dishes after washing/rinsing with tap water. I would think you could just wipe it down with a microfiber towel but don't know for sure (depends on the adhesion qualities of the mineral).

If you're spending a lot on bottled water, you might consider a filter solution that addresses the specific compounds in your water. I keep Sawyer Mini water filters at home for camping and emergencies and Lifestraw is bringing out new water filter pitchers that filter out a lot more than Brita. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter with a reduced rate has recently closed but I believe the retail price will be $55. Just for filter information and comparison, their Kickstarter is at
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