One of my girls is failing

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One of my girls is failing - 05/07/19 01:54 PM

I have a pair of female gliders. They are both standard grays. One is a pocket pet, The other is of unknowed parentage. My pocket pet is 8-9 years old, the unknowned is 7-8. One of them isn’t doing so well. She has no light in her eyes. I have a vet appt in the morning, they will both go. The pocket pet will be ok alone but the other won’t be. I’m so sad and scared. I can’t tell them apart now. One was always prettier than the other and the other was a loner, but they both look bad now. I don’t know what to do, or what to ask tomorrow. Or what tests. Help me please
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Re: One of my girls is failing - 05/07/19 02:26 PM

I hope all goes well with vet appointment.

Please register so you can take full advantage of the forum. Please update us on what the vet finds.

They need to start with a physical, fecals(take in with you) and do a fecal smear.

Hydration and diet are important too.
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Re: One of my girls is failing - 05/07/19 06:24 PM

She is with her friend right now. I don’t want to separate them. We sorted who is who and it’s the lone glider who is unwell. The other glider will keep her warm and clean (she is meh with people but, a very good glider mom).

They eat critter love although they aren’t loving this salad mix so much . The produce isn’t as great here. . Because one isn’t acting right, she is getting glider crack and way to many yogurt treats. Yes, she is drinking. I watched her @ 6am

I’m not sure how long they are supposed to live in captivity. My girls are getting old but, I’m not sure what is old in these circumstances.

I’m in a new state with a new vet. I hope he really knows glider stuff. I hope they can fix her.

She is a fabulous ambassador for sugar gliders. I really need her to be ok.

I will try to separate them long enough to collect poop.
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Re: One of my girls is failing - 05/08/19 12:55 AM

Both of your gliders are considered geriatric. Hopefully you will get them turned around and doing well again. I would put a small bowl of water in the cage so they have an open water source besides their water bottle.
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Re: One of my girls is failing - 05/11/19 03:13 AM

Very sad to announce that her glider passed away, you can see more HERE!
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