Red toe and overgrooming

Posted By: Sugakooky

Red toe and overgrooming - 06/22/19 01:36 PM

I have 2 sugar gliders that I couldn't watch for 2 nights as my mother was in the hospital and when I came back to check on them one of their toes is red and swollen underneath and on the other glider the tip of one of her nail is black and another is overgrooming their tail and they have never over groomed their tail before if you could please help me I would truly appreciate it I cant go get them to a doctor until Monday and i am making e collars for the both of them right now
Posted By: Feather

Re: Red toe and overgrooming - 06/23/19 02:21 PM

As long as they are not messing with it, they won't need e-collars yet.

You may be facing a tail amputation with the one, they will amputate back to healthy tissue and stitch it up. Tell your vet not to shave the tail. I have found shaving for neuters or tail amputations make gliders more prone to going after the surgery site.

Is there anything wrapped around the toe that you can see? or is it just red?
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