Raid Spray

Posted By: Shalena

Raid Spray - 11/03/19 03:39 AM

My mom sprayed some raid spray while I was gone from 15-30 minutes and didn’t tell me. I smelled it but didn’t realize what it was and asked her. I have removed my suggies and their cage and took them upstairs and opened the upstairs door (i live downstairs). Have also put a fan down to circulate the air. What more precautions can I take and when is it safe to move them back? They seem okay, probably scared by the sudden move of their location as they peeped out of their pouch to look around.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Raid Spray - 11/03/19 02:22 PM

How close did she spray to their cage? Same room or around their cage? If she sprayed around their cage as in very close so that the spray would have gotten on the cage, then I would do a thorough wipe down of the cage.

Be sure to read the back of the raid can to see what it says about spraying around household animals. We know to be extra cautious with our suggies, so the can warning should give you more information.

ETA: Here is a Google Article about using Raid.
Posted By: Shalena

Re: Raid Spray - 11/03/19 06:16 PM

It was sprayed in the same room and as soon as I moved them I did thoroughly clean everything in their cage. Took out all the toys, pouches, water dish and washed them. She sprayed Raid Max ant and roach. Under precautionary statements it says to remove pets and birds and cover aquariums. Cover or removed exposed, food, dishes, utensils and handling equipment.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Raid Spray - 11/04/19 07:11 PM

You did the right thing. Ask your mom for some notice before she does that again.
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