Gus Update

Posted By: theresaw

Gus Update - 11/28/19 02:50 AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone mlove Just wanted to give an update on Gus (previous post "Gus is sick"). Gus has been off all medications for 10 months now without a relapse jump. He does not have any neurological signs and his walking and other movements are about 80% normal. He has even show signs that he now has some vision. I never found out what caused all his problems but I'm thankful for how well he is doing now. He loves his cagemate "Cara". :lshower:

Attached picture Gus and Cara Flowers small.jpg
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Gus Update - 11/28/19 04:59 AM

Such a sweet pic of the pair!!!

I'm glad Gus is doing so much better!

Thank for the update smile
Posted By: Feather

Re: Gus Update - 11/28/19 11:58 PM

Awesome News! jump
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