Odd "whisker" on back

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Odd "whisker" on back - 12/09/19 01:26 PM

Hello all,
I noticed that Bonnie has 3 spots her back where it looks like a few strands of fur have gotten sticky and possibly pulled out a bit. They are still attached to her, and don't don't see to cause her any pain/discomfort when I touch the areas. The hair (or whatever it is) is markedly longer than the fur in the surrounding area (The long one is approx. a 1/2"). It almost feels like a cat's whisker to be honest. There is one big one (Described above) and two smaller ones. They look like when cats fight and a small clump of fur gets partially pulled out. The only one that is really visible in the picture is the big one, which oddly is white(ish) but in the dark stripe on her back. All three are on her back , so I have trouble imagining that it's overgrooming given the location. Picture attached. Thoughts greatly appreciated!

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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/09/19 03:45 PM

It does look like some fur that has somehow gotten sticky and then stuck where it is, but I would not attempt to pull it out just in case that is not the case. I would just watch the area and see if it disappears during her grooming process. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/10/19 02:06 AM

Fiona used to get a long fur. Watch her and see if maybe she is trying to rub her back on the bars... She may have an itch she can't get to... now that she's a single, she may allow you to help her groom by finding her itchy spots.

This is rather tricky because she might not fully trust you yet. Under chin, around the ears, arm pits, patagium, belly, just rubs no scratching. All of mine like it when they are running around, I open my palm and place it starting at the top of their back, and they crawl out from under my palm. Sometimes they come back for another round or two...
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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/11/19 03:39 PM

Well, nature seemed to fix this "issue". Enter...... Floyd and Dr. Teeth!

Bonnie has not one, but TWO new friends, and they are getting along like peas in a pouch...errrr. pod. We started introductions and things went so well, we let them snuggle in the pouch for awhile. When Bonnie came out, she was all but free of those loose hairs! Floyd and the good Doctor are taking their time to warm up to us, but we've already made progress.

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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/12/19 05:07 AM

So glad to hear she has new friends! Congratulations!
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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/12/19 02:19 PM

:thumb2: clap

Glad they took care of it! But watch her close to make sure they don't over groom in case it made a bald spot.
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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/13/19 10:10 PM

I have seen those types of hairs from time to time. They just get groomed away.
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Re: Odd "whisker" on back - 12/28/19 06:37 PM

So awesome to hear about when the little ones get new friends! Thanks for the picture! :hdance: :hdance:
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