Moist Dermatitis? Ick?

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Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/28/20 10:14 PM


I am supposed to be getting two more sugar gliders tomorrow after waiting for a few weeks for the boy (Cletus) to get better from moist dermatitis. They said he is all better but his fur still looks grungy. They also said that they have been treating it by giving him special baths and then spraying it with a medication/solution. They also said that he is not contagious, and that he has not been with the other cage mate yet (Her name is Marge and she is going to be with him solely until I can properly introduce them to my other two).

My question is: is moist dermatitis the same as ick? If so I’m freaking out because I have read it is extremely contagious, and I don’t want it to spread to my two I have, or Marge that has not been introduced to him yet (which I think is a whole other issue). I messaged the breeder asking for a certificate of health and a list of medications that has been used to treat Cletus. How would I know that he is better, and does it take a while for the fur to grow back normal? If moist dermatitis is different from ick, what exactly is it? Is it wrong that I ask for a certificate of health before I bring him home?
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 05:27 AM

So I'm not familiar with this, but did some reading.

Ick seems to be a basic name, but a culture of the area will determine if it's bacterial or fungal. Depending on which they have will determine type of treatment and whether it's contagious.

Here is a good read:

I wouldn't bring home a sick glider just in case. It does take awhile to treat either type of ick. They can die from this if it's not taken care of correctly.

I hope someone else has more info or personal experience.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 05:46 AM

I did read that post earlier, and that is what made me start to freak out. I really don’t want this spreading to my other two. She told me it’s like dog’s moist dermatitis, but I’m not sure what to think, and I feel like I’m about to be in a serious bind. I’m calling my vet in the morning because I need to know what exactly this is.

I’m really upset that they would even have this glider on their website for adoption when he is actively sick. I almost just want to bring him home anyways because I don’t know if he is getting the care he needs. I’m so upset right now. I did email her asking for a list of medications used to treat him, and I am speaking with her on the phone tomorrow because I want a letter from their vet stating he is healed.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 06:50 AM

Originally Posted by Domenico

I’m really upset that they would even have this glider on their website for adoption when he is actively sick.

A reputable breeder wouldn't sell a glider that is still showing signs of being sick. It isn't easy to pass or walk away when you feel any animal may not be getting the help they need, but consider your other gliders first. Bringing a recovering or even a sick glider in to your home will stress them more, could even bring back what they had. On top of the glider infecting the rest of your gliders. More vet bills, and it will get expensive, and it could be a long recovery. I could be wrong. But is it worth the risk? Definitely consult your vet.

You have to be willing to quarantine the glider for 30 days at least. With the possibility that what they have may or will become contagious, that means a separate room for them, washing hands before and after handling them. And same for when you handle the other gliders. Cleaning their cage more thoroughly, more frequently, and even changing and or covering your clothing. Keeping their dishes and bedding separate and washing their bedding in hot water.

And having done all that, you could still loose them.

I myself have walked away from sick gliders because i feel I don't have the ability to care for them properly, and I don't want to risk my gliders health in the process.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 01:55 PM

I left my vet a voicemail this morning.

I’m just really upset because I got my original two from the Pet Glider, and my new ones are coming from there as well. Marci and Mable are wonderful and have never given me any problems (except for aggressive grooming- which is getting better since I’ve been using the tsk tsk sound)

The problem is is that I paid for shipping and everything already, and I don’t think they would give me a refund. When they told me two weeks ago that it was moist dermatitis I just thought it was a skin irritation that would be fine with treatment. I didn’t realize that it is the same thing as ick.

Is the pet glider considered a reputable breeder?
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 03:39 PM

The Pet Glider is a reputable breeder.

I would ask for a vet certificate and take him to the vet ASAP after he arrives.

Ick isn't an actually illness or infection, it is a term used to describe the gliders appearance. Ick can be moist dermatitis, a fungal infection, a bacterial infection.

I would keep him and and the others separated until you get a clean bill of health on him.

Keep him in a different room, feed him last, change clothes after messing with him and wash your hands. I can't stress washing hands enough.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 03:49 PM

So what is moist dermatitis? Is it basically the same thing seen in dogs?
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 04:39 PM

I really don't think so.

Your vet may be able to explain it better.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 05:21 PM

Well, Marge and Cletus will not be coming home until next week; they are going to get a certificate of health for him.

I was told that this is a normal occurrence, even though my two have never had that problem. I was told he wasn’t even taken to the vet; they just assumed he had it and used the medicated spray and shampoo. They offered to give me a different glider, but that doesn’t change how I’m feeling right now. She sounded annoyed with me for wanting a certificate of health, but how am I supposed to react? They advertised a sick glider on their site and then want to to try and pass the problem on to me. They haven’t even introduced Marge and Cletus before trying to send them on a plane to me.

I really cannot wait for this to be over. I will never do business with the Pet Glider again. I have spent a lot of money with them, and have been a loyal customer. As soon as Marge and Cletus come home I’m definitely giving them a negative review. I’m also changing their diet, because after this experience I am beyond done. I am on fire that they want to make me out to be the problem, when they are trying to sell me a sick glider.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 05:41 PM

I am sorry your going through this.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 06:21 PM

So, as you read in the thread I sent you, this moist dermatitis can be from mom and dad over grooming. It could be fungal or bacterial, or just mom and dad being a bit over zealous and stressed and grooming him more. I definitely would not take the Joey without a health certificate and made sure a culture of that area had been done.

Humidity could also play a part, too much, too little, too warm, not warm enough. Air circulation plays a role too. It's a difficult balance especially in an operation as big as the pet glider. And yes we have several members who have gliders from them.

Being a good customer should mean something I agree. Sometimes things go wrong, and with the pandemic, it doesn't help I'm sure. It's not an excuse.

I would rather be a problem to them than be delivered a problem with possible hefty vet bills. I hope they make it right with you.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/29/20 11:59 PM

Well, I really have not had a problem with the pet glider until today. I got Marci and Mable from them two years ago and was very happy with the experience.

It just really upset me how she wasn’t getting why I would be nervous to bring him home, and her tone of voice towards me.

I was really excited to be bringing them home. I have everything set up, and I was looking forward to add to my colony. I hope this doesn’t turn into more of a problem, and I can just bring them home after waiting for the past few weeks. Thank you for replying to my posts.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/30/20 12:12 AM

Thank you. I went to the pet glider because of my positive experience with getting Marci and Mable. I really do understand that things are crazy right now, and I was very honest about being okay with waiting until Cletus was healthy. Obviously I would like for Cletus and Marge to come home ASAP, but I’m in no rush- as long as they are healthy.

I guess I got freaked out about ick when I started seeing photos of gliders with it. I wasn’t sure if ick had different causes, and I was definitely afraid that it could be spread to my other gliders. It irked me when she was like “you do have gliders right?” And it’s like I do, but I’ve never heard of this problem before. I’m a little bit overzealous with taking my gliders to the vet because I get so paranoid, but thankfully Marci and Mable have both been healthy. I am definitely going to wait for the certificate of health, and will have a vet appointment for the next day after they come home.

I just hope that everything will be okay from here on out. I was really looking forward to adding to my colony. I felt it was important for Marci and Mable to have more friends to be with them for their wellbeing. Thank you for replying
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/30/20 01:50 AM

Like I said ick isn't an illness it is a symptom. It can be fungal or bacterial, it can be caused by the mother having a pouch infection.

Get a health certificate from them and have your vet see them as soon as possible after they arrive.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/30/20 01:55 AM

I also just spoke with my vet, and he said he would by doing the spray , bath, and giving an antibiotic. I have a sense of foreboding that Marge and Cletus are going to be in a separate room for a while, and that Marge will most likely catch this. He said it is not that similar to moist dermatitis in dog’s and it’s not as benign.

I already have everything paid and their cage all set, so we will see what I am getting myself into next week. I will definitely be bringing them to the vet ASAP. Thank you both again for everything.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/30/20 01:56 AM

I definitely am. Thank you
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 12/30/20 02:59 PM

Please keep us posted on your new babies.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 01/01/21 05:00 PM

I definitely will! Hopefully they will be coming home this coming week
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 01/09/21 11:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

Marge and Cletus have come home, and they are actually okay. The vet looked at both of them, and Cletus skin is fine- his hair is just a little discolored. Marge is very healthy, and it looks like everything is going to be okay. I’m very happy they are home now.
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 01/09/21 11:26 AM

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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 01/09/21 08:04 PM

Great news!!! Thank you for the update smile
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Re: Moist Dermatitis? Ick? - 01/10/21 06:18 AM

Great News!!!!! clap clap clap
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